Monday, March 16, 2009

365 days later...


I'm a few weeks behind, but my little nugget man turned 1 on February 21st. The last year has flown and I can't BELIEVE he is a whole number now. I love how his little personality is coming out. He's learning to be more independant (not as much as I would like) but he's getting there. He's still my little love bug, he snuggles with me all the time still, he definetely knows he's the baby!

We had a cupcake bar at the house, I didn't take too many pics because I just didn't. Here's the one dad made for the birthday boy

He went right for the flame!

A little reserved...

But not for long!..

He got some awesome clothes and toys and he's a happy boy!

Check out his teeth, count them...yep, he has 11!
Happy Birthday Grady, you're the best 3rd little nugget a mamma could ever want!


Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

so cute!

how fun!

Kristy said...

He looks so big! He is so cute! I love his big smiles on the last picture!

mandi said...

I think he has more teeth than Presley. That is a fun idea to do a cupcake bar,I might still that idea.can you believe he is already one,I remeber when you just had him and I was trying to help you nurse whule talking to you over the how time flies

Jamie Hon said...

Dude Kristen. The pictues of Grady are the BOMB. I have the picture where he is wearing the two hats on my background on my computer. I love it so much! Keep updating your blog. I look at it like... every other day. Keep me posted!


Jamie Hon said...

OH kristen. I wanted to plan with you now but are you able to come to my junior recital April 18th at 1pm in flagstaff? I told dustin about it like... 3 months ago. Anywho, can i pay you or something to do my makeup for my recital? im going to be way too nervous to do it myself. Also, i am going to go get my hair done that day at some salon ( i don't know which one yet) and i really wanted an awesome "flower thing" you make with cloth. We can talk about it later but i just wanted you to have a heads up!!!
Jamie Hon

Robin said...

Amanda Porter did our pics. I have a link to her blog on my sidebar. SHe is in Boulder Creek ward and she works at a studio, but she did me a fave and took us out to a couple of cool locations. She was great. I paid her less than 100 bones and she gave me over 100 shots, the best ones, she color corrected.