Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tres, tres, tres

On July 1st my nugget Lady turned 3 years old...
This is how we roll

Taking a break from the crowd

In a house full of friends and family

Grandpa Koelle thinking she can drink out of an open cup

Well she can't yet...

After changing clothes we eat cupcakes

The man baby eats many cupcakes...


We open gifts...Her ribbon wands Aunt Krystal made her were by FAR her fave

Saylee should off some of her tricks...

Thats my girl!

Not one for attention

but I think she secretly liked it!!
Here greatest gift yet...we qualified for LONG TERM CARE!! Now Say will continue to receive therapy at home even when she starts school and a bunch of other services that we desperatley needed! That's one thing we can check off our huge to-do list!!

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