Friday, April 16, 2010

blast from my weirdo past

This little lady, is having a friendly competition. So, in the spirit of embarrassing myself, Im in! Check her blog for all the details. It's time to take you back my friends, to a time where wearing the exact same shirt in different colors was a super cool thing to do!...

Group shot, 9th grade 1996

Now it's time to introduce to Kristen Koelle...the high school years!

Senior pics (sorry for the quality)

Kristen Koelle never wore make-up, never waxed her eyebrows, never had a shirt long enough to cover her cursed torso, and was always the "friend"...never the "girlfriend"

Unfortuneatley, I can't find my worst dance pic. You might be able to find it here. I think this is my second worst, my first dance.

Christmas Formal, 1997

I had on AWESOME velvet pimp shoes with a gold buckle that you can't see. I didn't have time to shave my underarms (cause I was running late from getting my hair did at JC Penney!) All in all, I was a hot mess, but I went with a senior! (cool points??)

Here are a few other disasters...

**Note: I never dated any of these boys, they were all friends. My first high school boyfriend was 2 months before graduation but THAT is a whole other post!

Christmas Formal 1998

Sadies 1999

What bothers me the most is that WE LOOKED COOL for those days. Now a days, these youngin's might all laugh but they're just jealous they didn't grown up when wide-leg jeans that covered your ENTIRE foot were cool. Or when sandals that had a 4-inch platform bottom where the bee's knee's (lei anyone??)

Amongst my reminising, I found another photo that brought me to tears from laughter. Summer before junior year, we had a priest/laurel canoe trip down the Colorado River. The week before I was in a car accident. My dad told me I couldn't go and I REFUSED, so we comprimised. I could go as long as I wore my neckbrace the entire time!...and I did becuase i thought, "if anyone can pull off a neck brace in a's me!"

So this one's for fun!

I challenge everyone to do this... I had so much fun!


Jay, Sarah, Noah, & Nate said...

Buddy, I love ALL the pics and stories!! I'm surprised I've never heard the neck brace story before...

Alli said...

hahahahahaha you seriously made my day!!! You crack me up!! I'm glad lex had this idea! I love the being bad never felt so good. hahaha oh man loved it!

Alexis Crum said...


mandi said...

this is so funny!!!!!!!!!! I love your serious pose, because really we all had one, mine I look a little drunk.These are great memories and wether we look like fools or not, we had so much fun. I love that i suddenly grew a large beard too, i might take it on as a new look.
thanks for going down memory lane, if you win ill be pissed, cuz looking like your 30 when you are only 16 should win it all

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

LOL!!! omg! this was AWESOME! i'm sorry mandi, but kristen over hurr just blew you out of the water.

love mandi's goatee in the last pic.

Alexa Mae said...

bahahahahahaha i almost peed my pants. no joke. and i'm trying really hard not to wake up the hubs. you are so freakin funny, i love you. these pics are historic. nice touch with mandis beard in the pic. trying to draw attention away from the neckbrace are we?? hahaahha i am going to think of that picture randomly and laugh...ya, im that girl. love you!

Kristy Treible said...

OMG....really?? Looka tmy bor Bryan that is soooo funny! The one of you alone is CLASSIC!

I remember helping you pick out those dresses for each dance! Oh to be young again and the only care in the world was what freakin dres to wear! Love ya! XO

The Halls said...

Is that really me????? Wow!!!

Connie said...

Hahahaha! This made me laugh out loud- mostly your commentary it was hilarious! Anyway, did ya get my email? I want to mail you your cd but I need your address! Thx!