Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nugget Mania

So Im getting a little nervous

My kids are growing up- scratch that, my BOYS are growing up. Why am I nervous? it's because boys wrestle...boys fight with each other...boys find it enjoyable to inflict pain on their brothers, because their brothers probably asked for it! I'm starting to see evidence of this everyday.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

(that is not dramatized- Grady really gets that red!)

They fight all the time. Not all of it is, "Mom, Grady did this or that" it's "Mom, it's just for play." Im learning that there is almost NOTHING I can do about it. It doesn't matter how many times I split them up-the chaos will continue. Is this what I have to look forward to? I can see it in Emry's eyes... he can't wait to be big enough to participate.

And sometimes, this little lady gets involved. Don't let her smile fool you, she can handle her own against these two.

Then it's a party...

They teach me patience everyday (i find myself to be pretty patient already) but apparently not enough. 4 nuggets in 5 years, I think I asked for it!! Children are dangerous because with faces like these it's hard to stay mad at them for too long!

This one finds them quite entertaining...

I find my easy going, sometimes pretty careless goofball attitude is quite handy when raising these nuggets. I also think it's starting to rub off on Brody. I hate to admit it sometimes but the kids vocabulary/actions is a spitting image of mine. Only in the body of a 5 year old boy making it that much more funny...but nerve racking at the same time!

But at the end of the day, Im still as smitten by them as I was the day they arrived!


Jay, Sarah, Noah, & Nate said...

What a face!!! I love it!!

☂niki said...

this was adorable. each family is unique and special in their own way and i feel like this post and these pictures depicts the hon uniqueness perfectly. it makes me a little teary actually. i feel the love.

Payne Family said...

Emry is so cute! Good luck with boys, my brothers fought and playing all the time too.

Clippy Doo said...

ha. ha.

Welcome to my world! They are so incredibly adorable as usual. Love Grady's red face!