Thursday, January 20, 2011

hanging out

For some reason I'm really good at NEVER posting about holidays...I don't know.

So far, twenty11 hasn't been too exciting! We've all been sick, stuck at home and just hangin' around. This week I've been balls deep into jumpers (It comes & goes in phases). I started school, I thinks that's why. So here's some live action shots of my little lady while we wait for the bus.

Numero Uno

mens shirt turned jumper

she loves these leaves!

she's a head tilter...I was a head tilter.

I was literally falling over & squishing Saylee as i took this pic

Numero dos

pillowcase turned jumper

Saylee has the best jazz hands!


This pillowcase has a twin, therefore it's currently up for sale in
my shop

hurry up I only have one!


Jay, Sarah, Noah, & Nate said...

buddy, you and say are so cute! love the pic of you two together!

niki said...

She's darling! I love these pics.

I want a jumper for me and evie! Haha. I'm always wanting something for me and evie, aren't I?!

I'm partial to that first jumper. Love it.,

Tiffany Hon Payne said...

You are amazing Kristen. Who ever knew that Saylee was going to be a model when she grew up!! She is getting so big and so Beautiful. I love the jumpers!!!

Taylors said...

she is a doll!
and speaking of jumpers...

Taylors said...
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