Monday, July 28, 2008

Viva La Cheap Dental!!

So last week Dustin and myself along with Grandpa Palmer and his friend Bill went down to Algadondes, Mexico to get a bunch of dental work/medical junk done! I was a little weary about the trip, us and a couple of grumpy old men but we actually had a blast! It such a trip to me to sit back and think about how different times were when our grandparents were our age, and I think we Im an old grandma it will be in the years 2050+...that wigs me out! ANYWHO... Dus and I hit up Dr. Jerry and between the two of us we got 3 root canals (I had 2!) 3 fillings (I had 2!) and 2 cleanings for under a $1000 bucks! It was a very clean enviroment and the people there were really nice. I felt safe and were going back in Sept. go get some more work done.

Walking across the border
Not a very good shot, but there were dentist offices, and every other medical office around
This is the front entry of the plaza we were at
Down this long walkway...every so often there we sewage squares on the smelt gross!
Hopped up on dental drugs!
Our new best friend Bill Rohr
Bill belt buckle...can you say money???
We stayed in Yuma so we got to see a movie and have some time to ourselves. We ate REAL mexican food and it was awesome! Dustin took 4 pepto bismol tablets before we ate but it didnt matter, he had a parasitic attack anyways! (He got parasites on his mission and only the REAL good stuff gets them going!) We drove Bills Hybrid and only filled up once, about 20 bucks worth! that blew my mind. I got a cute Dolce and Gabbana bag for like 30 bucks...all in all I was a great short trip and Im excited to go back.


mandi said...

tell your new friend I want his buckle for mike

Taylors said...

you are brave! this looks like such a fun trip even though it involved root canals!

Anonymous said...

You are a brave, brave woman! I took Jordan and Ashley down there once by myself because I was desparate for medicine for them that I couldn't afford. I was surprised at how cheap everything was, but I didn't fully understand EXACTLY what I was buying because the medicine and the instructions were in spanish! We went down for the day, and it scared me so much, we turned around and left. Plus I got a speeding ticket on the way back. Your trip for medical purposes sounds so much better than mine! Glad you had some fun. Hope your teeth feel better.

igotluckey said...

that belt buckle is so awesome