Monday, July 28, 2008

It was my cup of tea!

On Saturday, Kristy, Mandi and myself got together and went to Abbey Gardens. Its this cute little tea parlour in Mesa. We had a little tea party, we picked out our own tea cups, we ate yummy sandwiches and treats on a three teir tea thingy and it was alot of fun! I really got into it! I loved pouring the tea and I kept saying, "Hello Govna!" in a british accent. It was fun to do something different and Im just excited to do anywithg with these girls at all! We did take a group shot but theres no way I was going to post the one on my camera, Kristy has better pics
We sat at the table in the back corner
When in doubt, pinky out!
If i were old and British, I would be this lady!...I love it!

P.S. two posts in one day HOLLA!


Niki (Crum) Worthen said...

Goooo....that lady is freaky deaky. Sounds like a lovely ol' time, eh chap?(That's me talking in my british accent.)

Jeff & Kristy said...

you are too funny!! you kill me! We definately need to do that more often even something more low key with the kids would be fun.

mandi said...

good times my friend, you were spot on with your lingo, I loved hanging out and being young again

hairbynat said...

Hey i didn't know we could of talked hair last night either. Fun! We will have to get together some time. my email is I'll give you my number when you email. CoOL!!! Talk to ya soon Nat

CheLLis 'n' ALex said...

that is so funny!! sounds like fun! also, i wish id known about this cheap dental deal...te amo mexico!! (yes, thats me trying to speak spanish. i know with a last name like ortiz, i should be fluent, but im not)

Anonymous said...

we are so polar opposites. I'm glad you got freaky with your brittish self. Wait... I thought I was the british one!