Thursday, January 1, 2009

The birth date of Dus

I am insanely in love with this man...

Today is Dustins birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!! He is 26 and has accomplished so much already. This day holds so much for me because its New Years, his date of birth, and the day he proposed to me 5 years ago today...right at midnight... on top of a was cold. Anyways, Hes the best and I love you so much, here's why...
I love that after 5 years you still think Im funny, I can tell because you geniunely laugh at my jokes!
I love that through 3 pregnancies...we got fat together!!
I love that you go to QT for me more than you should!
I LOVE your talent as a musician, your still my hot drummer, you make me tingle!
I love that you LOVE our kids and the idea of having baby after baby doesnt scare you
I love that we ro-sham-bo for everything from dinner to life altering decisions!!
I love your passion for life and through thick and thick, you dont crumble, thats my job
basically Im pretty much in love with you...

Happy birthday Dus, I heart you forever!!


Jeff and Kristy said...

Happy Birthday Dustin!! I will bring you your vanilla later haha!! Kristen you are the best wife ever and dustin is so so so lucky to have you! Let's all get together soon.

Niki (Crum) Worthen said...

i just got caught up on lots of posts.

sweet post about your hubs!

i've never seen your mom before. she was beautiful. you look just like her!

i love what you've done with your house! glad you were able to mend the broken mirror.

i still have that chair, if you still want it. if not i'm going to sell it on my blog.