Wednesday, December 17, 2008

15 & 54

This is my mom, Leah. 15 years ago today she fufilled her work here on this earth. She passed away pain free from breast cancer. Sadly also, today is her birthday...she'd be turning 54. I remember vividly the last time I saw her, Im thankful that I burned it into my memory. I remember saying my goodbye and telling her that I loved her while I watched her sleep in a coma. I remember waking up suddenly at 4:25 am only to hear the phone ring. I already knew who was on the other end and I already knew what they were going to tell my dad. Having 15 days for 15 years to ponder on these memories has shed 15 new lights in my life.
Im thankful that I had her as long as I did. I know I was young, but not young enough to NOT remember her, that in itself is a blessing. I try to think of different questions I would ask here if given the chance just once a year. By doing that I try to celebrate the everyday with my mama, not just the bad. Here is a few glimpse into my amazing mother, whom I know is with me now. Mom, I love you and thank you for giving me the strength to be the mom you know I am, even when I dont think I can.

I remember her handwriting

I celebrate her milestones

I love that we have common intrests!!

I thank my protector

but I miss my mom...

Happy Birthday mom, you are truly the best!


Jeff and Kristy said...

I am at work crying right now!! I love the rollerskating picture it is you completely! I know your Mom is so proud of you and amazed at all your tallents and your strength you have with your kids. You are a wonderful mother, wife and the bestest friend ever! I love your energy that you bring when you are around that is such a great quality to have. I am so glad you shared those pictures and memories. Call me if you need to talk or get out of the house. I love you tons! Thanks for being such a loyal friend to me.


Johnson and Co. said...

that is beautiful.

Claudia and David Luckey said...

i think it's amazing how much you look like her.

mandi said...

I wish I didn't have to know how you were feeling.But, I do and I know it is hard. You have done so great and have so many people that love you and are there for you anytime. I love you tons and cherish my friendship with you.

Tanya Yost said...

I JUST LOVE your birthday devotion to your mom!!! Thank you for sharing that....we miss her too.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I just wrote long comment and because Im such a nerd with computers, and not a blogger yet,it got all erased. Argggg!
Anyways, I loooove your blog ,just found it today, and I love the way you remember you mom and talk about her.
I lost my little girl to cancer 2 years ago, and I need to find more ways to remember her as a family. I also read your article mercury and vaccines, and I ve been studying the subject for 4 years like a nut. I totally agree with you, I d love to write to you and know you better too.I dont have a blog yet, but you can write to me at this adress: