Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2 + 2 = Brody

Yesterday was Brodys birthday. He is now 4 years old...wait, let that sit for a minute.... Okay, thats better. No, wait...4 YEARS OLD???...how did that happen??? Where'd my little guy go?

I've been really emotional this year. I just can't believe how big he's gotten. It feels like yesterday when he was a little nugget saying "gump" for everything. Gump was please, thank you, yes, no, etc. It was rather hillarious. Now I find myself laughing when I hear him used words like difficult, ridiculous and disgusting!

The following conversation happened about 29 times yesterday...

Me: "Hey, Brody, I love you"

Brody: "I love you mamma"

Me: "You're my best friend"

Brody: "Ok"...(followed by multiple mandatory hugs and kisses)

I just wanted to squeeze my little tater's tots off all day. I love that he comprehends the whole birthday thing now. He was so happy and heres why...

(sorry for the fuzzy pics)

Brodes woke up to a new bike yesterday. I couln't find my camera till 10:00 so I missed some of our festivites. He played on the bike while I made chocolate chip pancakes.

He's saying, "Four!"

He got some cash from Grandma Koelle

Which he stashed in his piggy bank

Then we got dressed and played Rock Band...

He kept moving while jammin so I couldn't get a clear shot.

His #1 groupie! She attends every show and jumps on the bed

His favorite songs to play to are Ramones, "Blitzkreg Bop" and Flyleafs, "I'm so sick"
He actually knows alot of the words!

Then Dad came home, we dropped off Say and Grades and hit up QT
He got the most sour slush available and of all the candy he picked rolos...I don't know why I think thats so funny!

Next was his big surprise...a trip to the Lego store! Until yesterday, Brody had no diea of it's exsistence!

It was so funny to see him just grab boxes off the shelf. Indiana Jones was the first.

He got to fill up his own bucket with whatever legos he wanted off the back wall

He looked around for awhile with dad and I looked at these crazy set-ups...

The Taj Mahal of Legos...literally!

For once he wasn't interested in taking a picture!

He asked if he could have the "big Lego" for a present!

On the way home...

We returned home with all the kids after Brody went out with Grandma for some ice cream...he wasted no time getting started on his creations

Then he asked for my help putting his new Legos together, I was honored. I don't mean to toot my own horn but I'm borderline AMAZING at putting these things together!.. I know you recognize this scene from "The Last Crusade"

I love how real some of these guys look...tell me thats not Sean Connerys Lego doppleganger...

"Hey lady, do you mind?...we're sort of riding for our lives here!"

Happy Birthday Brody!


Taylors said...

Happy birthday brody! What a treat to go to the leggo store!And that last pic is hilarious.

Claudia Luckey said...

Happy birthday to brody i can't believe it.

Jay, Sarah, and Noah Erickson said...

It only seems like yesterday when I shouted "YOU"RE PREGNANT, BUDDY" in the pharmacy bathroom at Target. Happy Birthday Brody! I love you!!

mandi said...

what a stud,he is so cute,his little cheeks are definately squeezable.Oh how I wish our boys could be friends! It seems like your day was tons o fun! I want my kids to be little forever,I don't like this growing up thing!

Alli said...

happy birthday to brody! He is so cute and looks like he had a great day. You are such a sweet mom!

Kristy said...

Happy Birthday Big Boy! I bet he was so happy to have mommy daddy time alone!

Anonymous said...

Glad you found your camera. Such cute pictures. I'm glad Brody enjoyed his birthday. Tell him I said Happy Birthday.I'll have to email you the video link to the kids playing rock band. It's very cute!

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

How fun! Your little(big) guy is so cute! You make me laugh. I loved being able to share the day with you guys.