Friday, February 6, 2009

Ya know, just sewing n' stuff...

So my mind has been on a bit of a blogging hiatus. Ive been in a funk. I have this big new house, im trying to find the "home within" and I have all these brain is becoming mush and I don't have space for thinking of original posts anymore. So I apologize if all my posts seen a bit monotonous, I post what I know and all I know right now is sewing and decorating, my little noggin can't come up with much more.
Back in November I donated a couple of blankets to raffle to Habit Salon for their NieDay. I had alot of fun making them and felt semi-professional have my lil' robot name on their website!

Oh ya, Lil' robot is the name I decided on for my blanket brand, if one day I decide to open an etsy account. Its what I used to call Saylee when she was a tiny nugget of a baby.

I heart this bird print! I thought it Nie appropriate

I really like this vintage print because it had black in it! Tanj made me these tags and I think they're adorable.

Speaking of Tanj, I made these aprons for the "buddies" for Christmas. Same prints in different colors. I didn't have a pattern or tutorial for these, I would sew then try it on! I don't have any close ups but I was really happy with the results.

I got bored one day and made this skirt for Saylee. The tutorial is pretty easy. I also had another skirt of hers that Lindsay made her back in August so that helped. You'll see soon enough but I LOVE this black/white diamond eye pattern. I use it on everything. I love it for anything girl or boy related

I found a huge lot of fabric at goodwill. I have made quite a few things and still have a ton left! That's magic! I will tell you this, if QT and Goodwill got married and had a baby store with thrifted items, chocolate long johns, and the best fountain Mountain Dew this side of the Colorado, I would die a happy camper! I started with this...

and ended with four of these...

Here it is all dolled up on my new chair

Like I said,... magic!
Your eyes are not deceiving you, this chair set me back a whole 2 doll hairs!

Here is some more recent blankets. So recent in fact, they are gifts that have yet to be given! I pray the recipient doesnt check my blog before tommorrow!

Im really proud of this one. I had Dustin draw me up a bird and I stenciled it then appliqued it on. I did the same thing on this white onesie with different material.

ain't she perrtty?

This was before I actually sewed it on. It looks more "official" now.

All the blankets I make have a minky reverse side. This one below I made for Kristy. I found this fabric that matched her crib set perfectly. I like the chocolate brown border on the flip side with the white, it looks crisp and clean.

I threw some buttons on this one to spice it up!

I also appliqued this little guy for Kristy. I cut out a cowboy print off another pattern.

A few days ago Mandi, Kristy and I attempted to make tutu's. It was fairly easy. We estimated at first that we would only need two yards per tutu. Instead we used 2-3-4 BOLTS of tool a piece! (75 feet each bolt!) We a did red for Valentines Day and they looked awesome!

I had to trim Saylees up a little, it was too long. She questioned it at first...

After i fixed her waistband and finished it off with her ribbon bow (which you can't see) she likes it! she's worn it the last two days for an hour or two!

We don't have any red to match, so now I guess I'll have to make her a tutu in every color possible. It might be a new addiction!

If you made it all the way through this post I comend you! I know it was a little long, sorry theres no pot of gold for you or anything!


Kristy said...

I am so glad we decided to make the tutu's! They are so cute let's make another one soon I am obsessed and want to master it! I love all the fun stuff you have been making and Jeff loved the onsie!

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

are you kidding me?! i could look at pics of your amazing creations all day! i am seriously so impressed! way to go!

love the new chair! i was just at D.I. today and they had two, tall, black chairs with cane backing and mustard yellow seats, just like the yellow fabric on your new chair. i almost bought them but didn't have a place for them. they were 5 bucks each. you should go get them!

Robin said...

I loved this whole post! I am jealous of your chair! I am trying to sew baby things as well, you always need gifts and if I get good at it we could sell stuff together. Anyway I made 4 pair of baby leg warmers today. So easy!

jckhadlocks said...

So cute! Hey I've been OBSESSED with vintage owl fabric so if I can ever get prego again I would love for you to make a couple blankets in that fabric.

Claudia Luckey said...

those blankets you made were adorable..

Jay, Sarah, and Noah Erickson said...

Buddy, you are SO talented!! Your creativity blows my mind! I am so impressed with everything you do. Each creation surpasses the last. You truly have a gift!

Tanjarine said...

Buddy, you are amazing!! You definitely inspire me to dive into my creative side and start making things! P.S. I have a post in DRAFT right now set aside especially for my APRON!!!! I am obsessed with it. :) LOVE YA!

Your Buddie, Tanj

mandi said...

these creatins of yours are so beautiful.You are so talented.Sewing my little piece of elastic, that was at least an inch long,was so fun!. I know have the desire to learn and be as good as you.
making our tutus was so fun and I do want to be making her a birthday one. I love hangin with you girls.After all this time , I'm so glad we are all still friends

Todd and Jacy Skouson said...

You are amazing! You are so talented with what you make. I'm so jealous, I wish that I could have been there with you guys and made a tutu too (even if I don't have a little girl to wear it, 5'll have one someday). I love the blanket that yo made Jack, he loves to cuddle with it too. Love and miss ya.

Alexa Mae said...

girl, your comments crack me up. i love them. and oh my gosh, you are so talented. i absolutely love all the stuff you made. i am dying over that little birdie blanket and onesie. and her tutu is oh-so adorable!

Autumn Driggs said...

well well well arent we just the crafty one!!!!! are you setting up a website for all to buy???