Thursday, February 11, 2010

Build a memory

1st field trip = Awesome
1st trip to Build-a-Bear = Awesome
going with your best friend (me!) =
The Best Day Ever!!

"BUILD-a-BEAR!!" his excitement was contagious...

told ya!!

How else do you start the Best Day Ever??

Need I say more?

With our tummys full...we're good to go.

Brodys first time on the bus was icing on the cake

We jammed to Kings of Leon to kill some time. He constantly requests the "be bell" song
(title is "on call" with chorus line "be there")

We've arrived!

Isn't he just the pick of the litter??

He chose the chocolate cub (but was dissapointed after learning it wasnt actually made of chocolate!!)

At Build-a-Bear there's no walking OR running, so they hopped everywhere they went!

While waiting for their turn to stuff their bear, Angel our Build-a-bear helper sang songs to entertain the kids. When I heard this girl start singing Camp Lomia songs...I almost peed my pants!!

"I said a Boom-chica-boom!"

Brody's turn
He tests it out...

not good enough

After a little more stuffing...he was satisfied

Waiting patiently to eat lunch after he's all done

waiting to get back on the bus

This kid rolls in style!

He's had a busy week...he turned 5 yesterday!! (pics coming soon), he has a valentines party tommorrow and his birthday party on saturday. It was so fun to hang out with him and build a memory! I look foward to many more!!


Jay, Sarah, and Noah Erickson said...

so cute! it looks like you two had a lot of fun together!

Alexa Mae said...

Pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen. Bronson turns 5 in april. too young for this!! save me now...

jckhadlocks said...

So fun!! He is so cute and enthusiastic.

Kristy Treible said...

Happy Birthday Brodes!!!! I am so glad you got to go on the field trip with him! Ryker has that same shirt but in white....too bad he doesn't have a 1/4 of his hair! He looks so cute and I can tell he had so much fun!