Saturday, August 28, 2010

sew long time

school for kids + school for me + family + buisness makes Kristen a busy lady!!

Needless to say it's been an adjustment settling into our new routine. I've been collecting photos of everything Ive done in the past few months but Im just now getting around to posting it.

First off, Mandi was here last month. Her amazing madre got married and I was honored to of hung out with the girls the week of the wedding and help Lindsay with some sewing for the big day. Here's us

(this photo was taken after we danced our hineys off-HENCE the shinyness!)

I made Mandi a skirt for the occassion which started off as a potato sack skirt but quickly evolved into something else. A little free lance designing going on!

Feeling a little drab, I decided last minute to refashion a little something for myself. Here's the before...

(I'm terribly embarrased by this pic but eh...whatta gonna do?)

It's just a simple floor length black skirt that I wore once for my sister-in-laws wedding that's been chillin' in my closet. Here's the after...

I just took it in on the sides, took out the length, and added the lace and VOILA! My new favorite skirt!

These last 2 weeks, my etsy shop has been quite productive! My last 10 orders have all been my Darth Vader onsie. After becoming an INTERNATIONAL SELLER (Hey-o!) to places like France and The Netherlands I thought, "I need to jump on this Star Wars train!" that's where these new designs came from...

"The Stormpooper"

"Buns of Steel"
(get it? cause she's tough!)

I wanted the decal to say, "NICE BUNS!" but it didn't look good with the Jedi font

I have a few random onsies lying around that I needed to do something with so I started exploring the question, "what would I want MY babies to wear?) This one's not finished (the quote I edited on, it's not really on the onsie) It's not listed in the shop but I wanted to show you the direction Im taking. Also think MacGruber and The Target Lady...

Ron Burgundy anyone?

I did a few back to school items for the kids, not as many as I'd like but I have the whole year! Starting with Brody's new shirt...

You read that right, "you have baked beans- you have a party!"
He thinks beans is such a funny word, so why not? His teacher probably thinks Im a weirdo mom for letting him wear that shirt let alone MAKING it!

I just made Saylee a bunch of jumpers. It's been awhile since I did any and I love them so much. There easy, Saylee CAN'T take them off (she's a bit of a free spirit!) and they're good to wear year round. This one is my favorite.

just a basic red and white remnant I got at JoAnn's, I was inspired to incorproate the inverted strips from this, and I love how it turned out!

This one's pretty plain,another remnant, same fabric in black and white

Forgive me, I pulled this next one out of the dirty clothes to take a photo so it's oober wrinkled. I really like this print but I might change the button colors

Close up of the print and Im trying to add some variety the pockets

I recently hit up an AWESOME estate sale and found this vintage remnant for a buck. Im thinking jumper but not quite sure yet... don't you loves?

windmill lovin!

Had to share some of my other finds

vintage bias tape- these guys are so old, it's not even funny! a quarter each, this women had a box FULL of them, i could of bought them all.

Vintage picnic basket- $10

And this recent/latest project isn't finished yet. I haven't had time with school, etc. I still need to sew up the back and add the white trim to the bottom of the skirt.

I chose a linen because I was afraid that cotton would drape as nicely, because of that, it's a little heavy but I don't mind. Other than that, I think I'll really like it once it's on and done.

I'm hoping to post my projects from school as I make them. I have 3 garments to complete by the end of the semester (which apparently isn't alot of time) so im excited! I love school! I can already tell it's going to be challenging. I definetley don't know as much as I thought. My SEWING skills im sure are up to par but as far as knowledge in CONSTRUCTING an article of clothing from scratch (the real way!) I'm pretty much clueless!!


Colburns said...

I am so proud of your sewing Honner you are way talented! Keep it up!

Alexa Mae said...

oh girllll, you are on a roll! all of them are wonderful. i love the new ron burgundy one! lol.
i died over mandi skirt. it is beautiful. and the pinwheel!! the one i've been dreaming of! it looks amazing. now i must order mine! hehe

mandi said...

sorry i have yet to comment on this post, But thank you so much fo making my skirt, i loved it! and thankyou for all your hard work for the wedding, you saved the day! I love you!!!!