Wednesday, August 11, 2010

zero more days

We've had the countdown going all week. "mom, guess what?...6 more days until I go to school!"

Oh trust me Brody, i know...

I have such mixed feelings about school. On one hand, Im excited to gain a lighter kid load and encourage his independance but on the other hand,...all day?? Really?? That's seems drastic.
So today when I woke him up he marched downstairs and from the bathroom mid-stream I hear, "zero more days and now I get to go to school!"
and so he did.

On top of all his excitment, being a busrider was icing on his back to school cake!
He couldn't even wait for me!!!

I'm yelling through my tears, "wait for me! wait for me!!"

his new sweet Lakai's are a size 2!!! That is confirmation of a grown boy!

He waved goodbye and ran onto the bus without a second thought. I was crying behind my sunglasses worrying to myself, "who's he gonna sit with??" I was so scared for him.

and just like that, he was gone...

stupid bus!...

Saylee also started her 2nd year of preschool today. She is at a different school than Brody which I hope isn't too stressful for us. Last night we had to go to "meet the teacher" night at 2 schools and got a taste of the chaos. It was pure madness.
I have mixed emotions about Saylee's 1st day. This summer has been tough, and when I say tough I mean like "The Terminator battles Rambo with a side of The Icredible Hulk "tough. She regressed quite a bit this summer that I wasn't ready to deal with. She has been dying for some independance away from home. So i had more excited feelings than lonely feelings about her departing. PLUS- she's still in preschool and she's not gone for long.
Here she is, ready to go...with girafey

I had to document quickly her hair because it's been in her face for the last 3 months!!

I love this pic...

She had no issues, saying goodbye either. She just have me a kiss and said goodbye! I know she's going to knock our socks off this year with what she's going to be able to accomplish.

I love you Brody and Saylee! This year is going to be crazy! I feel like a mom who just entered the pro's! I start school in 2 weeks and Im hoping I can eat all that's on my plate, but with my appetite, it shouldn't be a problem!!


Kristy Treible said...

I can relate my dear friend...I can relate! Kenzi didn't care about me and was just so excited to get back to school! Tyla was also excited, but I am scared more than ever! It sucks having both our kids go to 2 different schools...I HATE it! I am glad I was not the only mama crying like crazy! I know our babies will be just fine!

☂niki. said...

the part about you yelling "wait for me" and wondering who he was gonna sit by made me cry. i'm doomed...

Tera said...

You have a way with words. How cute are those kids?? WAY CUTE!! (btw... it gets worse!)

Alexa Mae said...

it was a horrible day wasn't it? i feel your pain 100%! i told you we should have sat together and cried. he is sooo cute! and saylee looks adorbs.

p.s. yes, i love those lakais! and the 30% off. hehe. bronson is a size 1 so brodster is beating him in the foot department!

love ya!

p.p.s. i got that address you needed!!