Thursday, October 7, 2010

blood and dollar bills

Sunday morning Brody declares, "mom, I have a loose tooth!"
I say, "ya, ya, ya, whatever"
(that not the first time he's sang that tune...)

But in fact he did
not 1...but 2 loose teeth

Woah, woah woah...SLOW I old enough to have a toothless child?? creepy.

Finally last night, one was ready to depart from Brodys cake hole

With barely a tiny pull, it slid right out...
no tears (which is a big deal for Brody)


today he came home from school and informed me that he learned all about apples.

so he requested one
(requesting a fruit??....yes please!)

and viola...

2 teeth in 2 days.
that's how we roll.


jckhadlocks said...

That's awesome! I love his big grin!

Robin said...

What a cuteface! Tucker lost 2 in a row like that and hasn't lost any since.

Alexa Mae said...

soooo cute!! he's such a stud.
tell him bronson is sooo jealous.
he makes me wiggle his teeth every other day to see if any are loose! and nope, they're not.