Monday, August 4, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

You know, sometimes its hard to take just even a little time to blog about your life when your too busy being a supermom/ trophy wife... its a learned skill that I hope to pass on throughout my growing years! Last week our family or myself had something planned every night SUN-SAT. I dont have pictures of everything but heres an idea of my crazy life lately.

Monday: Occupational therapy, laundry, dinner with a bunch of Dustins high school friends Ive never met.

Tuesday: Speech therapy, chiropractor for Say, pick up sister in laws for brow night with Mandi (P.S. Mandi, I miss my eyebrow!! HA HA HA)

Wednesday: Therapy free day!! Fabric store run, start sewing blanket/burp rag for friend, Dus's band practice, meet with Bish (with all three kids!)

Thursday: Chiropractor for Say, continue to sew blankie, mad clean house for Devins bachelor party that night (30 boys playing XBOX... even my dad came!) Krystals house for a trial run for hair/make up for wedding this week)

Friday: Developmental specialist therapy, re-clean house after it was destroyed, finish blankie, run to borders for Breaking Dawn wrist band, Costa Vida dinner with Krystal and bridesmaids, BREAKING DAWN party with Tiff, J dog, and Crissy... got my book at 1:30am

Saturday: 2:00am... QT run with Crissy before I started reading, 5:30am, took a shower-no sleep yet, reg routine with kids, wrap blankie (that usually takes time), baby shower with buddies, Dus's battle of the bands (he sang vocals on two drums!) read while he was sleep yet.

Sunday: 2:30am...leave for Krystals, took wedding pics at 5:30am and I had to get her ready- no sleep yet, got home at 6:00am PAST OUT ON FLOOR and slept through most of church, finished reading Breaking Dawn...FINALLY (750 pages) relax with the hubby!

This weeks going to be even crazier, the wedding is on friday and I have yet to purchase a single dress/outfit for my family! Even though I was insanely busy I had fun. I got to see Mandi, hang with my sister-in-laws, make a super cute blankie and hang with the "buddies" (Sarah and Tanj) oh and read the book ive been waiting for my whole life... I loved it but i will NEVER stay up for 48 hours again, im still recovering!


mandi said...

first off, why you gotta rub the eyebrow thing in for the whole world to know, second I'm not crazy enough to post my weight, third, crystal looks beautiful, I can tell she has makeup on and her hair looks lovely, Fourth, the blankie looks fantastic, it looks like you used some chenille,and that is so soft.You are doing so great on your sewing, prety soon you will make your own do deserve trophy wife of the year! I think you are that good

Taylors said...

i love love the blanket btw! thank you sooo much!! and hey, why am i not listed as a "buddy"? what does a girl have to do to make the cut? ;)

Jeff & Kristy said...


Tera said...

S L O W D O W N P L E A S E !

Lisa said...

CRAZY! So I am interested in the friends that came over of Dustin's from high school? Why was I not invited because we need to meet (ok so I probably couldn't of come) but I still want to meet you! I also want you and Dustin to give happy wishes to Devin and his soon-to-be wife for me. So excited for him. About the busy thing I always say, busy hands = a happy heart (especially when you are reading anything Stephenie Meyer)!
Oh and what high school did you go to?

colburn's said...

Her hair looks good! I do think staying up to read that book is a fabulous idea!!!!

Heywood Lovin said...

You are now a professional blanket maker!! I love it, however got it is very lucky its so cute!

CheLLis 'n' ALex said...

that is a crazy week!! i cannot believe you read Breaking Dawn in 2days in the midst of all that. I got mine on monday and im on page 470somethin. did u love it?? you look gorgeous in the picture at the bottom!! and even though it was a busy week, it sounds fun!!

igotluckey said...

indeed you are a very busy woman

Ashley said...

I love the twilight stuff:)
shiney vampires? gotta love them cullen boys:)
Check out my blog for all my twilight tributes!