Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cabin Fever

This last weekend our little family went to the family cabin in Cristopher Creek. Dus and I went up to help Grandpa sort through 60 years of clutter, trust me,it was as fun as it sounds! Jamie came up with us to get some air and help watch the munchkins, Thanks so much J-dog, you're the best. The kids had a blast of coarse and they got to do all kinds of things. We're going back in a couple of weeks and Im hoping it will be cooler and Im excited to RELAX!

Saylee ate like crazy and let me feed her!
Just chillin'
Just chillin...some more
Brody freezes like a statue all the time
Tayin' in the wind
Dustins uncle across the meadow was nursing this deer back to health
Brody liked him, Saylee did not!
I love this pic!
Playin in the swing
Play time!

getting wet and wild
grass and mud = fun!
water hole for animals...or my kids

Tired and ready for naps

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igotluckey said...

Very very cute. I had lots of fun at that cabin.