Monday, August 11, 2008

The Wedding!

The day FINALLY came and went. I say finally because our family has been oober busy every week to prepare for this day, but it also crept up on us really fast that i felt unprepared. Anywho, it was an awesome day. The temple was super busy, they had 170 sealing total on friday to do so there was a bunch of families waiting outside, etc. The lunch had good food(mexican) and it lasted WAY longer than planned (as things often do) so I had 45 mins to get home, get my entire family changed and ready for the reception/pics. Once we got there, all was good. Saylee even posed for a couple of pics...I was so proud! The reception was bumpin' and my kids were SPENT by the end of the was I!

Mr. and Mrs. Devin Hon

At the lunch-in...we took the spoon with us
Crissy and Me
It was SO hot outside
It was on zoom and I didnt know!

She was obssesed with the moss in the tree

Me being creative
Brody took that shot Shes actually looking at the camera and smiling!!
Rock and Roll wedding style!
I love it!
The Hon boys


mandi said...

phew!!!CAN YOU BREATHE? well from all the pics,you wouldn't know all the hard times that day held.You guys look so cute and matching is so fun, the ties turned out adorable and who would know that ribbon would be so cute.Saylee is a beauty and is so do gos mama

mandi said...

gos= good. sorry for the typo

Lisa said...

AHHHH!!! So amazing! Wish I could of been there. Did Brenda do the flowers? They look so beautiful. She always does an amazing job! I do come to mesa but not as often as I would like. My sister is planning on getting married probably the first of the year so I will be down for that. Though after I have the baby I will come down alot more since I won't be working. We will have to get together and hang out sometime!

Payne Family said...

Saylee looks so cute in her wedding outfit! Your kids are growing up so fast! We need to get together sometime.

igotluckey said...

i loveeeeee weddings.. if i have nothing to do with the planning

Taylors said...

what adorable pics! your family looks super chic -- i love it!

Jeff and Kristy said...

cute pics! Love the ones of Saylee!

colburn's said...

Love the pics of the kids and I am glad you were able to find clothes for them!