Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Family Reunion

This Labor day weekend we got to go back up to our family cabin for the Palmers 30th family reunion. We left Thursday a.m. and got home Monday late p.m. It was a long trip full of good times and stressful times (my kids have a hard time sleeping up there). The children had a blast. Brody had plenty of adventures in the woods and felt super cool with a foam pirate sword he had, he barely ate anything but crap candy and was asleep every night by 8:30!! Saylee had a hard first night, we're learning that in order for her to sleep AT ALL she has to be in a room all by herself. So she got VP accomodations and slept in the cabin in her own room while we slept in the tent. She loved getting dirty and playing with all the rocks/dirt/grass/water she could get her hands on! Grady got to hang with alot of other babies and hes rolling over so well! I think he picked up on the other babies, he broke in his first tooth so his last couple of nights he was cranky, but there were plenty of people around to give him love! Dus and I got to relax and play some mad canasta, we all had a great time but Im SO glad to be home and now my house is a total mess and I have mountains of laundry to do and I dont want to do any of it!

Brodes and Say getting dirty in the creek...without my permission!

Brodes and Say during the relay races

Grades hit up the sidelines
When you gotta go, you gotta go!!

Brody is OBSESSED with Quads

I took so many pictures, she started saying "cheese!"


Great Scott's! said...

You have been tagged, come look back with me on the good ole days.


CheLLis 'n' ALex said...

soooo cute!! all those pictures are so fun. i LOVE saylee's Girl Scout shirt. where did ya find that?? that looks like fun. thats so cute brody loves those quads. maybe he can get a little mini one for christmas!! haha just what you need right??