Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Ode to Brode

Lately I have had some struggles with my oldest, Brody. I am becoming less and less patient with him as the days pass. Thinking about how my attitude has been towards him today, I was prompted to bust out his baby pictures. I immediatley did and I was instantly filled with gratitude and comfort, it made me realize that I was letting life get in the way of whats important. He has grown so fast! I remember being pregnant with him, remember that I always knew he'd be a boy, no doubt. I remember that Brody was the first name we thought of and knew it was his name, no back ups!!! Im so thankful we had him first, he is such a good big brother and he's growing into his own little person! With that, I wanted to share a few shot of my big boy from his earlier years! These pictures are scanned so there not in the best condition, sorry!
one week old
first family photo, 1 month old
6 months old
6 months, he and Grady look alot alike at this age!
1st Halloween, he was a wide mouth bass, I found out I was pregnant with Saylee this night
Temple lights
around 15 months??
sword fighting with wrapping paper rolls with dad
first pic with Saylee
Haloween '06... "me so cute I am!"


CheLLis 'n' ALex said...

he is so cute!! how old is he? if he's 3, im going through something with bronson too. its like a rebellion-lets-see-how-much-i-get-away-with kind of thing!!?? he is such a stud, and those pictures are reminders that time flies way too fast. grady and him do look alot alike in the baby pics. soooo cute!!

Grandmommy Crum said...

Brody just makes me smile, hes so cute and adorable! Kristin you are sensitive to the spirit,you were promted by the spirit to remind you of the great love you have for your son! It is the greatest feeling to be taught by the spirit, we as mothers need to be intuned and sensitive to it and you are. I think what I miss most about raising my little kids,is the safe feeling of having them around me, you know where they are, who they are playing with, knowing every move they make. Some day you will pray for the best, hoping they come home safe.Your doing a beautiful job raising your family,Mandi tells me how she admires you. Thankyou for being one of Mandis best friends, we love you!!!!

Niki (Crum) Worthen said...

no worries. we'll get everything organized at tomorrows meeting and fill you in. we have plenty more meetings to come...ain't no thang.

ps. you have one cute little feller there!

igotluckey said...

awwww lil brody.

mandi said...

he is so cute!,i didn't get to see many of these times in his life, because i live so dagone far.what an angel,

Jeff and Kristy said...

He is so cute! I have always loved the name Brody! Thank you for the sweet comment you left. That meant so much to me. It is a shame we don't hang out more seeing how we live pretty close to eachother. Let's try to meet soon. Love ya!

Niki (Crum) Worthen said...

so, after last nights meeting, we decided we needed you for the digging for treasure booth. it's a kiddie booth. you can just fill a baby pool up with sand and bury prizes. is that cool? we will be having meetings every thursday night from here on out. next meeting we asked all the committee heads to come back with an organized list of supplies they need, how many volunteers they need, how many tickets they would like to charge (tickets are worth $1) and any other things you need to organize your booth. let me know if that works. thanks so much!

Niki (Crum) Worthen said...

domestic bliss at 8.

mandi said...

i would love to call you back at the cabin, but the number comes up unknown,try me again