Thursday, October 23, 2008

Finally!!...I feel alive again!

Its frustrating WANTING to post something and not being able to. I feel renewed that I can once again post whats up. I dont have anything in paticular, Im just gonna fill you in on whats going we go.

First off... Can this kid get any cuter??? My little guy is getting so big, he is offically army crawling and the kid slides as soon as he hits the wood floor in the kitchen... hes like butta!! He also started sayind da-da and I love it!! Him and Brody have conversations with each other and its about the funniest thing ive ever seen!!

Blissfest FINALLY arrived on saturday. I was so excited!!! It was alot of work but well worth it. I had so much fun! I was there all day and most the time flew, by Sunday my body was pissed off! I felt like I ran a marathon! (like that will ever happen) I missed the zoo walk for Autism, it was the same day but I still felt like I did my part in service for this specail family. Thank you to all my friends and husband who help put this together and make my booth a hit!! Oh ya, if you ever need to find sand, haul sand, unload sand and reload it...dont! It totally sucks! My camera died so I only got these shots before the chaos began.

Heres a close up of my booty!...HA HA

gold coins poking out of the sand to entice the little ones!

Here are a couple of blankets Ive made within the last couple of weeks. Im setting up a table at a friend of mines open boutique house on Nov. 1st so Im getting ready for it. I also making some onsie decals (attempting to anyways) and I'll let you know how it goes.

That first week when the weather started to get really nice we went out and played so much. Saylee did a great job playing on these toys appropriatley and not playing with the wood chips the whole time! She fell in love with this big grasshopper, she would get off, walk over to his face, smile and stroke his big was too cute!!

Brody found this Batman mask at Joanns last week. It was 60% off ($2.00) and he's had it on for the last 7 days. Seriously...all day! Hes crazy for it...he calls me Robin and I call him Batman, I feel like we have an inside joke!

I found this guy in our recycle garbage in my garage a couple of weeks ago. He was making alot of noise and I thought I was gonna find a badger or possum or something hiding somewhere! When I saw this guy I said, "oh, your just a little guy!" then this thing jumped up really high (green goblin style) and scared the CRAP out of me. I laughed about to myself forever. I let him go and he ran back in my gargae somewhere, I think we've got a family chillin at la casa de Hon.

I met up with Mandi and a few Crum girls at the park while she was in town. It was pretty hot but it was fun, we got to hang out. Of coarse I didnt get a picture of us, so the kids will have to do!

Sarah celebrated her birthday a couple of weeks ago, we all hit up dinner and it was fun to have some adult time! I was starting to go crazy without Dustin around. We went to Saute, I got a burger and it was unexpectantly delightful!! Happy Birthday Buddy!

Ashley, me, Elisa, Claudia, Tanj and Sarah



igotluckey said...

dang what's a bruger? i want one.

mandi said...

this is a fun post! that pic of you and dustin is so cute,you look beautiful!!!!I can't believe how cute the kids look,saylee is a mini you.I want the first blanket,the one with the yellow trim......Oh wait I was the lucky the way I love it and so does are so talented and I need to learn some things from you.I love talking to you everyday,it is what I look forward to and I love our are so special and you have patience that I would die are an example to me of endurance and to not stress so much about the little things

Johnson and Co. said...

Long time reader.... first time commeneter....
What are you Su? You got Su in you?
Glad to see you recovered from the fundraser. You are a champ- I did nothing but talk the whole time, and I was whipped.
Love you lots, smell you later.

CheLLis 'n' ALex said...

i love all your pictures they are adorable!! your kids are sooooo cute!! and funny. (i wonder where they get it) you have been a busy lady. your blankets are perfect! i adore them!! you can be expecting an order when i get prego with #3!!!

Taylors said...

yours is one of my favorite blogs to read. i get so happy for salee's improvements when i read your blog, you'd think i was reading about my own kid! love the pic of you and dustin -- that's a keeper; you look awesome. do you take the pic of me and jake?

Johnson and Co. said...

It wont let me add you as a friend.... I am so computer helpless.
Do you know is it blogspots time of the month?
....and how do you add music? Can I give you my password and you can jazz up my blog.
I really need help- I just said "jazz up"

Johnson and Co. said...

I "misplaced" your number too. I am determined that I did not lose it, I know it is in my mess somewhere.
Mine is 480-619-8516
Thats right America I dare you to call me.
But Kristen... you call me when you can, and I will divulge my password!
did I spell divulge right?

Jeff and Kristy said...

You will be getting orders for blankets from me as soon as I find out what I am having next month!! I love blankets! Lot's of blankets! Never too many blankets :)

Niki (Crum) Worthen said...

so, how'd you get it to work??

i was cracking up at the mouse! it reminded me of the story when you got rear-ended or something of the sort on the freeway and you told us about the "little guy that rolled out of his car" hahaha. i'm pretty sure you used that exact same quote as you did with the mouse. oh man, you're funny!

ps. sorry i swiped your frames. you have to admit, my collection wouldn't be complete without them!

Payne Family said...

Hey, where is your boutique? I would love to come see your stuff. Also you said it was an open boutique....would I be able to put some of my stuff in it?