Wednesday, October 29, 2008

TAG it up!!

Mandi tagged me with 2-7 random facts about myself. I feel like Im pretty much an open book about myself so it was tricky to think of some stuff.

1. One of my "never gonna happen" life long dreams is being a cast member on Saturday Night Live. To be able to dress up in different characters and surround myself with other funny people and make total strangers laugh every sounds entoxicating to me!
2. I have a tattoo. I got it when I was 19. Its a red star on the small of my back. It used to be bright and pointy and now its just faded and sad looking (all the star points kinda hang down!) If I wasnt concerned for my eternal soul I would have SO many more, they're addicting!!
3. Im OCD about my kids's toys. Every shape has to be in the shape dropper container thing, every tech deck, little skate dudes have to be in the green box sitting next to the half pipe. Every puzzle piece has to be seperated in a bag sitting next to its corresponding puzzle. All ninja turtles go together in their own little corner of the toy basket, same with the cars...the list goes on and on. Im not OCD about hardly anything but this drives me nuts. Sometimes if a friends over they will help clean up the mess since it was a community effort getting dirty. When they leave I always redump out the toys and rearrange dumb i know!!
4. I love to brush my tongue. Gay, I know but I usually brush just my tongue for 30-40 secs. everytime I brush my teeth. When Im doing it the voice in my head is saying, "ohhh yaaa...." all dirty like!! When Im pregnant, sometimes I'll stop doing whatev, go upstairs and brush my tongue just because!
5. I've always wanted to be in a rock band. Everyone knows I love to dance and jam to the hippity hop but I so desperatley want to be a drummer or the lead singer of a band that just plays they're guts out rock and roll style!! The fact that Dus was a drummer only made me think that one day I too would know how to play the far, not so much!!
6. Im a grown adult but when someone says "panties" or "naughty" i giggle inside...and shiver a little. I cant stand those words (i dont know why) and I feel dirty when I say them! It started in junior high or high school and it still drives me just as nuts!! I will NEVER say to my kids, "You've been NAUGHTY now go to the corner!!" blah!
7. I have a goal to go to Comestology school later in life when my kids are in school. I have this dormant desire that only comes out here and there. Ive worked at salons a majority of my employed days and I was signed up to go to Toni and Guy but I got prego with Brody and I thought it would be a waste of money. I hope I can stay cool enough that long to NOT be the old lady who uses a cap to bleach her clients!!
I tag Heather, Lisa, Sarah, Liz and Tera!!


Jeff and Kristy said...

You are so funny! Brush your tongue?? Hmm...that's wierd! I am one step ahead of you I already have OT and SP!!! Woohooo!!!

Taylors said...

I second #s 3 & 4 -- same way exactly! Oh and my "dirty" word is 'supple'.

mandi said...

i don't think I remember you signing up for toni and guy,you should do it though it is a lifetime skill and you will find you all of a sudden had friends that want deals,that's the bummer part.These things are fun to read

CheLLis 'n' ALex said...

yay that was fun!! your are quite a funny girl and would suit just fine on SNL. maybe you can replace my very missed fav...amy poehler! i loved learning new things about you!

Jeff and Kristy said...

I don't know how to get ahold of you! I heard you found a great place I am so excited to see it. Call me and let me know if you need any help moving or watching the kids. They can come over any night so you can unpack and get settled. Let me know.

Johnson and Co. said...

They do have an all TB diet plan. I am on it... but its more like a weight gain program then a diet.
We should go eat at TB and let our kids destroy the place while we chow.
Make the kids who work there earn there 7 dollars an hour.

Johnson and Co. said...

you thought i was gonna say panties. Oh- dang sorry.
i want a tat. we should go. i want to look like kat von d.
i am total white trash deep down.

Lisa said...

I brush my tongue too! Your mouth just feels cleaner after:) Well since you have tagged me on this one but I just did random facts about myself I am going to do the picture post that you did on your last past. Hope thats ok. I will do it this weekend I promise.

Lisa said...

not past I meant post. It been a long day and it is only 1:00.