Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A side dish story

As most of you know, my house (not quite yet a home) is in a state of chaos. My kitchen is covered in dust therefore no cooking has been done. This last weekend while Dustin was out and about, he picked up some El Pollo Loco for dinner.
We all sat down, me with my Nachos and the kids with their chicken and corn. Dustin got a small side of mashed potatoes because he is usually the only one who eats them. For some reason that day, Brody was jivin' with them potatoes becuase he kept asking for more and more. His usual request sounds like this, "more potatoes please!" simple enough, appropriate enough. Dus and I started telling Brodes that potatoes can come in all shapes and forms: french fries, mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, potatoes in soup, etc. We told him that he was eating mashed potatoes at that moment and asked him to repeat it...but he ignored us. About a minute later we hear Brodys new request...
"More ass potatoes please!"
It was Awesome!!

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Taylors said...

you crack me up! please just post everyday for my reading pleasure!