Monday, November 24, 2008

A case of the Mondays

This is our Monday... whats yours?

We eat french toast...gangsta style

Saylee shows us her creative side

Grady explores

My husband leaves me treats on the doorstep

I love you too!

And I get to enjoy my new bathroom...heres the old and the new

My grams painted this flower in 1981!

All I have left to do is get a longer shower rod and replace this ugly towel rack. The baseboards are still blue and mabye later I will paint them white. Im proud of myself, I did this entire project from start to finish by myself...whatcha think??


mandi said...

love love love it.what a transformation.You have done such a great job. Im' super impressed and the color choice is awesome. things are coming together

Jeff and Kristy said...

Looking Good creative mommy!

Johnson and Co. said...

love the colors, love the painting by your grandmother. i just want to dip you in chocolate and keep you all to myself. my little chocolate covered Kristen!

Johnson and Co. said...

how was your thanksgiving little lady?

Grandmommy Crum said...

I cant believe all the work you have done, truly amazing! You are SUPER MOM, DECORATOR, WIFE!!!! You are a woman with purpose!! Your making your little nest quite a home! I love your syle change, it is what I relate to! Love ya,
P.S. If you need me to wrap your poor little hands with bandages, because, you have worked them to the bone, just call me, Im here for you!!!

CheLLis 'n' ALex said...

i love your monday!! so cute!
your bathroom rocks!! good job girl. the transformation is amazing. how fun!

Lyle and Jaime said...

Bathroom is killer! I love the picture! Way to go!!!

Johnson and Co. said...

sorry i missed the cobler. how was it? kinda worked out for the best... rhett woke up that night sick and has been down with a bug for a few days.
and my babysitter charges five dollars extra per puke!