Tuesday, November 11, 2008

superheroes, sad days and sucky walls!!

This is another Honer 5 update...I've been too busy to blog about any specific thing (I am keeping a list however!) so heres a bunch of pictures to match a bunch of info!!
Halloween came and went... we had so much fun taking the kids trick or treating around the neighboorhood. Everyone did a great job. Saylee walked with us door to door (we were totally surprised slash delighted!!) Brody hit about 10 houses then said, "Ok, lets go home!" and Grady just chilled and had a fun time looking at all the costumes!!

You cant see but I covered his white DVS in black fabric (even on the soles) He was slipping and sliding all over the place...it was awesome!

I made Grady a Robin outfit to match Brodys. I made a black mask for his eyes but that lasted all of 6 seconds! He slept alot the night so I didnt get a group shot!

Her arm is the result of being unsupervised for 30 mins (its pen) and its ALL over her arm! My little lady was Wonderwomen, appropriate I thought. She actually wore every accesory to this costume, I was tickled!!

The boot covers kept slipping, her head piece kept coming off, her dress creepin up...she looked liked a drunk Wonderwomen after a long night of par-tayin!!
The following day we packed up and moved from our home of almost 3 years. I was sad but only for a couple of minutes...we were way outgrowing it. When we moved in Brody couldnt even walk and now we have a bushel of children and nowhere to put them! I was a crappy move (arent they all?) but now were settled in our new home and Im super excited and tired!

downstairs during the chaos

One last ride on the scooter....

The sprinklers came and those two boxes in the grass got soaked! I got blamed of coarse!

I've been doing alot of work in our new house. We are renting and our landlords are supercool. The house is pretty much covered in wallpaper and they are letting us take it down and paint whatever as long as its nuetral. No more blue then I guess!! Our backyard is insanely huge and needs alot of work, however it has MAD potential. I dont have any pics now but they are coming I promise!! We have a natural gas fireplace outside and during the move Dus found an old rusty dutch oven!!...(can anyone say cobla and ice cream!!!)

The kids got these cars for Christmas last year and are just now using them!!

Nixon and Corndog love all the space, they have done really well with the move!!

Okay, here is the dining room attached to the kitchen. Every ounce of this kitchen/dining is covered in this crap! Its a vine/grape/wine print and its overwhelming!!!

This is the one wall in the family room...its a floral print! Totally clashes with the kitchen. The brown to match this print is getting painted over as well.

First strip down, about a million left to go!! Once I started I couldnt stop, it was like peeling the skin off a big back!! I loved it, until that is I discovered a second layer of wallpaper in the family room and had to peel off more and more and more. Then I had to spray the walls and take down the paper that goes behind it...it sucked but I got it all down...yay me! I did all the grunt work so I say its my choice of paint color!...we'll see how well Dus handles that one!!

Heres the family room after

Heres the dining after. It looks so much better! I was thinking about painting the chair rail white but It matches all the cabinets so I dont know. Im going to be asking alot of advice of decor because Im changing our look from contemporary to pretty shabby, if Dustin and I dont divorce or it first!! Hes the only husband in the world that wants EVERYTHING to do with EVERYTHING when it comes to decorating our home, its endlessly frustrating!! There is also wallpaper in the bathroom, playroom and one of the kids room so theres still work to be done and I'll be posting my progress!


Claudia and David Luckey said...

looks like a big place.. where is it?

wow i think that's the first time i've seen your dogs ha

Lisa said...

The joys of wallpaper! We had alot of wallpaper to tear down when we bought our house, it was a bunch a crap. Some rooms would come off really easy and some would take forever. Have fun painting:)

Jeff and Kristy said...

The new home looks great. I am so excited for you guys. I love all the costumes. Where are yours and Dustin's costumes??

colburn's said...

looks great so far!

Johnson and Co. said...

The house looks so big! I have torn down enough wall paper to know you have been workin' wicked hard.
I would rahter get a pap then tear down more....but if you need help let me know. I would do it for YOU!

Tera said...

Kristen, those are the cutest dang pictures of the kids I have EVER SEEN!! Ashley and I are rolling with laughter at little Grady in his Robin outfit!!! HALAR~