Tuesday, September 1, 2009

growing up

Today was Saylee's first day of preschool. This is a day Dus and I have been trying to make happen for the last few months. She is in a special-ed class at EMECEC (East Mesa Early Childhood Education Center), the state is paying (halleuah) but that meant months of meetings/qualifying/IEP...yada yada yada. Anywho, we are so excited to reach this milestone. Im praying that all of the outside exposure into this new routine will help with her recovery. I know this first month or two is gonna blow (especially for her teacher) becuase Saylees stubborness is gonna have to take a back seat and relax...she needs to learn she's not the exception to the rule and can get away with whatev.
Im drifting...
Alright- first day--- Started out well, she was excited this morning, im sure just becuase she thought we were getting out of the house

Could she get any cuter?? She's so big and we got her cute new shoes (which she refuses to wear..closed toed) and a new backpack (which she refuses to wear) so we pretty much rolled with the usual wardbrobe...

Here we are heading towards the gate, all these buses make it SO REAL

We were greeted with this...TOTAL CHAOS!!
Chaos for us but apparently this is an everyday drop off scene. Tons of pre-K nuggets not wanting to leave mom or can't wait to get away!

Grady roamed around and ate the freedom while he could get it!

My camera died (of coarse) right after this but she seemed interested in some other kids

For about 18 seconds...then the rest of the time (waiting for entire class to arrive) she ran around and roamed in the grass until everyone left and Dus and her teach were left chasing her down! She inevitably had to be dragged/pulled to class but it was all in good intentions! Brody was really sad, he's been anticipating school for SO long but doesn't start till next week. I made it through okay-- meaning i didn't cry, but about 10 mins after we left... I lost it!

Just for kicks, here are some pics of some "back to school" stuff I've made for the nugget lady. Maybe one day you'll see pics of her actually wearing something custom for her!!

Men's shirt to dress refashion w/ added ruffle...buttons are on the back

Skirt/leggings refashion combo (they're attached) I don't know how I feel about this one
leggings are recylced LS shirt and skirt is mens shirt, I've since replaced buttons with bigger red ones

I always forget to take before pics, but here's a Target pillowcase

Into a ruffle top... I've since added white buttons underneath the straps

with some fun little zig-zag detail


Taylors said...

Wow! I am so nervous just thinking of my little babies growing up and going off to preschool! To see little Say do it just makes it seem so real. How did she like the first day?? I know she'll do great!

Alexa Mae said...

Aw kristen she looks adorable!! Yay for say and her first day of school. She is so dang cute.
P.s. love love love your creations!

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

congratulations on your milestone. that's great!

as always...love your work!

colburn's said...

I love that pillow case top it is so cute, you are a dang good sewer! I am so proud of Saylee and her first day of preschool

mandi said...

you are a diva! I am so in love with all your designs,please keep me in mind when you become famous.

saylee is geting so big and moving onto new things, it is so exciting. You are a great mom with so much patience

Kissefur said...

I can only imagine how hard that must of been! Hang in the rewards are woth it! I love the new stuff you are so great at picking just the right fabric

Claudia Luckey said...

that's awesome...Giana started too.

Todd and Jacy Skouson said...

Saylee is too cute! Her big smiley pictures are adorable, they put a smile on my face. That's so great that she is in school- way to go!!!!
And I love your new designs they are lovely.