Monday, September 28, 2009

Vintage lovin'

Seeing as how this whole "pregnancy" thing comes in waves, I am only one in a slew of friends who are currently knocked up...ere-go, many baby showers! I had the pleasure of challenging myself by channeling my creative side to come up with a gift for Niki and her little nug Evie...

here's the bundle

I made a hat for Emry (by the way, that's what we're naming nugget #4) and it was easier than I thought. I found some lovely doily's at goodwill and came up with this vintage inspiration

There's a mink inside and the outside linen I think really adds to the vintage effect...and it's one of my top 3 favorite things I've ever made!

A onsie to match...

Of coarse I had to throw in the bird

I added some bum ruffles for a little fun!

I finally tried a tutorial thats been on my mind for awhile, baby shoes. These two are the first i've attempted, not perfect by any means but I can see many more in my future!!

I found perfect matching buttons

These little guys are made with a fleece lining- it made them a little more stiff and a little bit more boot-ish. The outside fabric is the same as the hat.

I've got more shower gifts on their way so stay tuned. In the mean time, I've started on some fall items for Saylee.

A quarter fat + goodwill curtains = cheap, custom and cute!!

Im borderline obsessed with this floral print

Mens shirt to jumper refashion...I added the white and criss-cross back for some diversity. The pockets are my favorite, I wish I would have made them bigger because their lined with a super cute print that no one will ever see!

Here are some poor shots of Say with it on...I swear Im getting a new camera before Mr. Nugget arrives- I've got my eye on one at Costco

I swear one day I'll get the perfect pic!!


Alexa Mae said...

i LOVE all of your stuff. no joke! i was dying over nik's gifts you made. maybe someday you will make something for my baby! i can't get over how beautiful and elegant you are...and even more so preggers.

Alli said...

I love it all! Niki died over it all! I can't pick a favorite cause its all too cute! You are truely talented! I wish I was more crafty with my hands!

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

you beat me to it!! i was planning on posting some features from the shower on my blog and yours topped the list. i'm still going to post it but now it's not as fun for you since you did it first and it's no longer a surprise. ah well...

i can't tell you enough how much i LOVED everything you made evie!! it is all so adorable and so perfect!!

thank you, thank you, thank you!!

(the word verification is 'honca'..."honca your horn if you love the hons"...hahaha! k, that was lame...sorry.)

jckhadlocks said...

Hey Kristen I know you're super busy but just leave a comment on my blog when the onsies are finished so I can pick them up. I can't wait to show my sis-in-laws, I've already told them about them :) Hope you are feeling good and thanks for the invite to bunko. Let me know if you need anything!