Thursday, September 10, 2009

so cool for school

After months of hearing this phrase EVERYDAY, "Mamma, I wanna go to school"...we finally made it happen! Im a little late- he started on Thursday. It's just pre-school, but it doesn't feel like it because he's there 4 days a week for 3 hours. He eats lunch there too! I wasn't really sad to see him go becuase my mind was too busy throwing a party in my head with the joy of never having to hear him complain and cry about school anymore!

Ready to go in the morning

In the car....
Then he walked away- with this "peace-out" look on his face. It all happened so fast I didnt get to take any pics! So these are of me picking him up

His face and shirt had so much crap on them.
1st lesson as school mom: Boys + white shirts + school = BAD IDEA!!!
I oxi cleaned that mo right when we got home and it's integrity was restored!

bad lighting but whatev...

So this is my new weekly schedule (at least for a couple of weeks)

Monday: take Brodes to school and Saylee to see Dr. E (with boys)
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: wake up, have everyone dressed (including me) fed and out the door by 9:25 a.m.
9:30- drop off Saylee
(go to Target or somewhere and NOT spend $$)
11:30- drop off Brody
(go to QT with Grady)
12:05- pick up Saylee
(make lunch for 2 kids and almost get comfortable because-)
2:25- pick up Brody
come home and collapse
Wednesday: NOTHING!!!!

Oh yeah...did I mention Im 31 weeks pregnant??? Im all alone and emotional!!

Anywho... here's Grady just for fun!

Ya I know you're thinking he looks big and he is! That shirt is new-not a hand me down and it's a 3T! He is also giving a thumbs up but I think his thumb sort of looks like a carrot!

Here's Saylee actually wearing something I made her. It is the bubble dress but looks WAY cuter with the jeans as a top!

She has made so much improvment already but thats for another post!


Anonymous said...

From Your Husband The Spanard: Our kids sure are beautiful !!! Thier Mom is pretty hot too !! I laughed for 5 minutes straight at brodys austin powers pose and gradys carrot thumb !! We are definately more blessed that we know. By the way, thanks for the booby flash via skype. Love you baby !!

Kristen said...

Um...he's just kidding!!!

Kristy Treible said...

Gotta love Dustin! The kids ALL look so grown up and freakin adorable!

Alexa Mae said...

ohhhhh he is so cute!! im so excited for your new babe. your kids are so dang cute! hahahaha still laughing at your hubbys comment.

colburn's said...

I just laughed for five minutes after reading about the booby flash and no he wasn't kidding! I love that bubble dress you made for Saylee and I would like you to make one for Nixin I will pick out the material and pay you your fee and who knows maybe I(the one who made you start sowing) could learn a thing or two from the master!