Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fathers and Sons

On Friday, Dustin and Brody along with Grandpa and Uncle Devin went to fathers sons campout. It was a short trip but they had fun. No serious injuries were incurred so i was happy! Dus sent up his favorite tent for him and the boy while Grandpa Scott and Devin pooned out and slept in the cabin! There werent any other small kids for Brody to hang with (usually theres a good turnout) so he had to entertain himself by running around in the dirt....easily amused!


Tera said...

Love the matching shirts, and the cutie pat-tu-tie dirty boy!

mandi said...

just think one day youll have both boys gone and you will have girl time. you are doing so good with her diet, it sounds like so much work and you are so motivated, you get mad props for that.