Thursday, May 15, 2008

I left my house today!!

I woke up this morning with a desire to get out! So Brody, Saylee and I headed out to the mall. (Grady stayed with daddy who was working out of the house today) There were suprisingly alot of little kids at mall today! Brody had alot of fun and Saylee worked the crowd. She walked up to alot of other moms, checked their bags for any goods then moved on! It was nice to be out just the three of us again. It makes me feel a bit more sane, like I acutally have a handle on my kids!
Brodys messy dismount after jumping off some glove thing!

Saylee just scoping the play scene!


Taylors said...

We'll have to do this together soon! Or maybe I should practice first, because it can be pretty messy when my little threesome ventures out. Let me know the next time you feel like having some company when you head out.

colburn's said...

how fun!

Tera said...

YEAH! SAYLEE!!! Whoop-Whoop! Love it. She's changed so much, in such a short time, you should be very proud. You're doing a great job. Keep it up! (and take advantage of EVERY opportunity you have to spend alone time with your babies)