Saturday, May 3, 2008

My first loaf...of nasty bread!

It may look normal (it looks normal, right?) but dont be fooled! I thought Id try this recipe for GFCF bread (for Saylee's diet.) It looked easy enough to do and it didnt need a breadmaker. I did everything right and when the bread came out it looked okay to me. I waited for it to cool and then gave myself a little tastey taste... and then threw up! JK JK. It really did taste so gross. I cut a slice off and slopped some peanut butter on it and lo and behold Saylee liked it! I'm not sure if its supposed to be nasty, it is after all made with a bunch of substitute stuff. It totally bruised my domesticated ego and now Im scared to make her anything! I like that she likes it, but is it cruel for a mother to purposely feed her daughter something really gross?? In any case im sure I WONT be making the "loaf of death" again!

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Anonymous said...

Mom would have been very proud of you! I'm loving all the pictures. PLEASE keep this up!

Love ya!