Friday, May 2, 2008

Much Improvment!

Every Friday for the last few weeks Saylee meets with Jory, her Developmental Therapist. She has improved week by week and Im so proud of her. In coordination with her new diet we are hopeful that she will only get better and better! Her latest accomplishments today were transfering toys (that means taking one toy out of her hands and giving her another, which she usally pitches a fit about) and making better eye contact! Next week we are going to the park to have a play date and try to get her to interact with other children. I'll keep everyone updated with her progress as it happens. P.S. she is the picture of perfection to me in her new Roxy shirt!!!


mandi said...

I'm so glad things are going good. Our children are so precious that it is hard when things aren't how we imagined, Sallie(sp) is so darling and you are working so hard to make things easier for her. You are a fabulous mother and I know your mom is so proud of you.I miss being there so much and I wish so badly that I could help you out. You are great and I am so glad we are friends. Keep your head up.

mandi said...

sorry saylee, i knew that

colburn's said...

Wow I am super impressed! great job. I am glad to see Saylee is doing well and I think it helps a lot too!