Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Honer Home

This month has been long...and hard (that's what she said). I have been a busy lady. Here's some pics of things I've done around the house.

Here's the little wall right by my stairs, in the family room. It's not fully done, I don't know what to put above my "family" cards...

Here's my fall centerpiece on the table.

(don't judege my blue walls...any inspiring paint choices? throw them my way)

I FINALLY set up my office space. Before I was working with a pile of things in the middle of this table. My kids (aka Saylee) constantly got into my things and it was frustrating, but not anymore...

my map with pins in all the places I've sold to

(almost ALL places...it's a pretty small map!)

my vintage yarn, thread and bias tape in jars

--jars, jars, jars...I'm all about jars right now--

I finally buckled and broke the bank to buy a silhouette, my poor fingers couldn't take anymore Xacto knife, so I've been messing around with it, here's some bunting on the door.

Here's a wreath I made...I love it & it's not holiday specific

(tutorial here)

total project cost me about $6.00

I've already made 2 and plan on making more!

The reason I be so busy is to keep my mind off temptation. I did HCG with a buddy of mine and I've lost 13 pounds. Im happy but still have alot more to go to reach my goal of pre-baby weight. I cut some bangs to match my "funky fresh mom" vibe.

(Ignore my mile wide smile)

And the best for last

My family is blessed. I witness it everyday. After 2 1/2 years of unemployment, my husband has finally found a job! I am happy and a little lost. I am currently mourning the loss of Dustin because suddenly the guy is NEVER around...I secretly love it & hate it...like I said Im a little lost!


Taylors said...

You're amazing! And congratulations on Dustin's new job!!!

Jay, Sarah, Noah, & Nate said...

Yay Buddy! We have to get together SOON!!! I already told you, but YAY DUSTY!!

Tanjarine said...

Buddy is looking HOT!!!! I love that you are following your passion and your a mother of 4!!!! Lots to be thankful for that is FO SHO!! Congrats on everything!!