Sunday, November 14, 2010

like bother-like brother?

How often does this happen??

two brothers fall asleep side by side lying in the exact same position!

gotta love it.


jckhadlocks said...

Aw.. those boys are cute. Thanks for letting us stop by to use your toile!

Jay, Sarah, Noah, & Nate said...


Tiffany Hon Payne said...

I love it! Do they play well together? Do they wake up at the same time and nap at the same time? Well that is just funny!

Connie said...

LOL! No way that's adorable!


...& I gave you a shout out on my blog (:

Connie said...

No I love the brown! I just did black and white since the evening light in my room was yellowish (;

Alexa Mae said...

No way!!! Cutest thing everrrrr!!!