Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hallow's Eve 2010

Halloween came and went. We hit up our ward trunk or treat and had a blast. Dustin made chili for our annual "cook off" and he spent the whole day in the kitchen making a mess and getting juice from a habanero pepper all over his face. He almost died...seriously. We were 5 mins away from calling poision control! Crissy moved back home so we we're lucky enough to have her and the boys come along.

The kids did VERY well- like patiently waiting for their food for 40 mins. Emry had been feeling pretty sick that day but did great and Saylee was a little overwhelmed but no major meltdowns!

We put our costumes together in about 45 secs...

Bronson, Brody, Preston, Grady, Saylee

'A Luigi!

Snow White


and my little calf!

Devin and Krystal showed up and helped out. The kids love them so much, they're alway's such a blasty blast!

Me and me lady

And luckily enough, I was blessed with a miracle that same evening...

My husband did the dishes!


Taylors said...

cute! what happened with Princess Peach? I do love that Snow White costume though, it's adorable! Good job on your boys' costumes and I love Ari's wendy costume! I will post pictures... it was a perfect fit!

Colburns said...

hahah I love the face he is making in that pic like " if you take a picture of me doing this I will never do it again!"

mandi said...

i can totally hear you saying"a luigi"with your fingers touching and waving them in the air!!! after you had kissed your fingers! cute bunch, I miss you!!!!!

Jay, Sarah, Noah, & Nate said...

that is so hilarious that dusty is doing the dishes on a bar stool!!