Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gradys blessing

On Sunday we had the privelge of blessing Grady in church. We had a pretty good turnout and he looked adorable. My in-laws saved us a seat in the 2 row (we are not an "up front" kind of family) so i was flustered. When they announced it was time to do the blessing, Grady was just chillin in his car seat still strapped in and everything! After sacrament we had our friends and family over to the house for breakfast. After we ate, Dustin gave a special blessing to Saylee. It was very sweet and pretty powerful, there wasnt a dry eye in the house! All in all it was a memorable day. I was running around like a crazy lady so theres no group shots of Dus, Grady and I.


Jeff & Kristy said...

how sweet. I wish I would have known about the blessing me and the girls would have came. Hey we need to talk, call me we have alot in common with our girls and their speech delays and diets. Did saylee go to a developmental delay pediatrician? How are you getting all this help? I want all the help I can get for Tyla. Where did you get that blessing outfit for Grady? I love it!

mandi said...

what a cutie, isn't special to have these sweet moments and that your husband can be of such a help. good job momma