Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My talented husband!

Yesterday we had some time to check up on a few houses Dustins designed. This is one of my favorites. The above pic is only about 3/4ths of the front elevation...its huge! Dustin is so talented and loves his work. He has such a great desire to design houses that families can call home and make lifelong memories in. Way to go McGruber...I love you!
Front entry (all marble)
wood paneling in office (before stain)
small shot of the BIGGEST closet Ive ever seen
View from balcony (its nicer than it looks!) Its in Las Sendas

About 4 minutes after taking this shot we were leaving the house. I was walking down the main staircase and slipped on a stupid marble stair and tumbled my fat butt down 3 or 4 stairs! It knocked the wind out of me and BOY did it leave a mark!


colburn's said...

WOW that is beautiful! Now if it were only your new house right?

Jeff & Kristy said...

make sure to tell Dustin thank you so much for designing my house, it looks great and we can't wait to move in HaHa!

mandi said...

kristy, I think you are mistaken, I believe this is my house, well I guess you could have one wing and We'll have the other.