Saturday, June 7, 2008

Junque Fair

Bright and early saturday morning I hit downtown Mesa for a vintage junque fair. I had alot of wonderful finds, I could have spent a thousand dollars there but guess what, I dont have a thousand new to this style of decor and I havn't the slighest idea of where or how to display my new favorite things. Im just gonna wing it! Lindsay told me,"Think outside the box," with which I replied, "Lindsay, you LIVE outside the box!" She has such an amazing talent for finding cheap things and giving them new life!
The white frame has a chalkboard inside

on the left is a sconce with shelf laying on its side


mandi said...

great finds, I can't believe all that only cost $50. Imagine the price if you got this stuff in the stores. Good job, have you been bitten by the bug? The garage sale bug, it is so fun and addicting. Changing your style is gonna be so cute, or just incorporating it into what you already have.

Niki (Crum) Worthen said...

You DID find some great things! Lindsay really is amazing! I'm sure you'll find the perfect places for all of that!

PS. Love your blanket and bumper! Great skills for a new sewer! I am a new sewer too! I got mine for Christmas!!