Saturday, June 21, 2008


So I was tagged by Elisa to do this little factoid! Thundercats a go!...How To Play This Game of Tag: Post these rules on your blog. List: 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, & 3 random surprising facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog!

3 Joys:
1. My family... If you would of asked me ten years ago if I would have three children in three years, I probably would have punched you right in the mouth! It amazes me how natural it is for me to take care of my family. I love my husband and being a stay at home mom, something I never experienced. Its the hardest job in the world and the most fulfilling. I love that each one of my babies are so different. They each have such wonderful personalities and it is so exciting to think that its my job to mold them and watch them grow up!
2. Dance... I quite enjoy cutting a rug whenever the chance presents itself. I was in dance when I was a kid and in junior high and high school. Im not as graceful as I used to be (childbirth took care of that) but I can shake what my mamma gave me. I love the hip -hoppin- b-boppin type of dance and I hope that never goes away. It could be an embarrassment to my children!
3. Music... when I hear a new band that I fall in love with or an old band I've always been in love with, I fill my veins with joy. My theory is that everything in life is better with music! Can you imagine watching a movie without any background music or main songs? You know how you can hear a song that will instantly take you back 8 years to a specific moment that all of a sudden becomes insanely vivid? I thinks its amazing. I love all types of music and I hope to instill this love with each of my kiddos.
3 Fears:
1. The loss of a child: Of coarse I would be devistated if anything at all EVER happened to Dustin, but to be perfectly honest I can see myself survivng through the ordeal. However, if I lost one of my children, Im pretty sure theres no coming back from that. I would lose my s*^#! Enough said.
2. Cancer: Deep down inside Ive always felt like cancer will be in my future. Whether its the cause of my death or just a huge obstacle I will face, im pretty sure its going to happen and im terrified. My fear stems from the thought of leaving my children young without a mother, I can relate and I never want that to happen.
3. Snakes: I am a total bad-A when it comes to spiders and bugs, Im pretty immune to most of them but if I ever ran across a snake I would freeze. I will never purposely see one in person, up close, never touch one or allow my kids to! If anyone wanted to literally scare me to death, snakes would be your in!
3 Goals:
1. Saylee: My most passionate goal in life is the improvment of Saylee. I want her to be a blabber mouth and in a "typical school" with "typical kids" by 5 years of age. I want her future memories to be full of slumber parties, football games, and proms with an insane group of friends without anyone ever knowing she was a "special needs" child. She has such a loving soul and internal beauty to her that I want everyone to see. Im terrified of her being judged by other kids so Im trying my best to prevent that.
2. ME: Throughout my life as a mom so far, I automatically put myself on the back-burner, I think every mother does...thats why moms are the greatest! I really want to try to set goals for myself involving "adult time" and things I do as Kristen, not as "mom" or a wife. I also want to lose weight weight, lighten up on some things and be the COOLEST MOM ever.
3. Cooking: I will cook all day for 37 people and have no problem, I love it; but to cook on a daily basis for Dustin, Brody and myself....I hate it. I already make Saylee a seperate meal everyday which is teadious enough. I dont know why I hate to cook for my family but I do!! I want to be better and not only cook more often but cook more interesting entrees so I have a little more variety in our dinner mix.
3 Current Obsessions:
1. Garage sales: Regardless of the time of day or day of the week if I see a sign marked "Garage sale" I MUST GO! I feel like the treasure of a lifetime is waiting for me! I have been busy with so many other things lately that I havent gone in 3 weeks and it hurts me to my core! I've been bitten by the bug and im pretty sure theres no turning back!
2. Sewing: its something I've been working on the last few weeks and Im hoping to perfect it and add it to my "mom resume." My mom always tried to teach me to sow, even though I was pretty young and I totally blew her off. She always said its a skill that Id use for the rest of my life. I really want to take a sewing class and learn more challenging techniques and junk.
3. Twilight: Im not ashamed to say it..."Im in love with an imaginary 17 year old boy!" Wow that feels good. The twilight saga was one of the best things thats ever happened to me, it goes...1. Marrying Dustin 2. Having Brody 3. Having Saylee 4. Having Grady 5. TWILIGHT! In 39 days the book Ive been waiting for since October is coming out and I am getting way too excited. Im about to read all three books from the beginning, much to my husbands dismay!
3 Random/Suprising Facts:
1. In the summer of 2002 I went tubing down the salt river (I know, white trash) and burned myself so bad I got blood poisoning and 3rd degree burns on my legs/body. I was in a wheelchair for a week. Whats so funny is that because of the blood poisoning, my legs had to stay elevated so I had these stirrups attached to the wheelchair and I looked pathetic! I know Mandis laughing right now with the memory of wheeling me into a corner then walking away!
2. I can rollerskate like a rockstar. Rythmn skating is a skill I have from a misspent youth. Im pretty good and I take advantage to show it off whenever I get the chance, which isnt very often! One of my friends always makes fun of me because back in the day it was cool to tell everyone the style of skates you had. I was rockin the LT-429 Hard Candy Vapor Lights! It sounds ridiculous to you but it makes sense to me.
3. I have a pretty good memory. I can listen to a comedy CD twice and usually can repeat it word for word. I dont know why but I know the names to a million actors and actresses that I don't even like and know whos in movies Ive never even seen. It doesnt take me very long to get lyrics to songs. I memorized the lyrics to the extended version of "Rapers Delight" when I was 11!!
I tag Mandi, Tera, Charolette, Kristy and Heather!


Taylors said...

I love it! The more I find out about you, the more I love you! Thanks for taking the challenge :)

Taylors said...

btw, thank you for sending me to the video. i watched it & cried my eyes out. i wish i could share it on my blog too but i don't know how to put it on. do you?

mandi said...

I still love the sunburn story, it is the best ever. It is always fun to learn more about you but it feels good cuz I already knew a lot. I am so glad we are still friends you are the best

igotluckey said...

haha that is why you beat us when we played scene it!!! We have to go roller skating with a group of girls, and i have a sewing machine.. but i'm scared of it.. ah