Monday, June 30, 2008

Saylee turns 2!!!

This weekend we celebrated Saylee birthday!! Shes not actually 2 until tommorrow. It was a jam packed day full of fun. We went to our good friend Mylies 2nd birthday party that morning then hurried home and prepared for an invasion of guests! All but 2 people we invited RSVP'd which meant our little house was at max capacity with over 30 people and tons of kids! It was a blast! Shes so big and we're so proud of all her MANY accomplishments she has achieved throughout this year. We love you Say Say!!!
She'll wear anything on her head as long as she doesnt know its there!
I didnt get a pic, but Brody blew out her candles for her...what a big brother!
She loved opening up her presents for about 3 minutes, then I opened up the rest
Dustin and Saylee earlier that day at Mylies party!
This is just a few of the presents she got. We got tons of clothes and some outside toys that arent here. I just want to thank everyone so much for your thought in finding Saylee "therapy approriate toys" It is all awesome! She loves all of her new things and her and Brody are all ready fighting over them!!


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Saylee!!! Thanks for your comments you guys! I am so glad to be in touch with the both of you. Dustin I am glad you have only said good things about me. Though thinking back there were never any bad things just great memories and lots of laughs.
Did you see all my Guatemala pics on my blog? One of the first things I said to Matt when I found out he went to Guatemala on his mission was, "My friend is serving in Guatemala right now". That was the best trip I have EVER been on. I feel in love with EVERYTHING and everyone. If you haven't taken Kristen (which i suspect you haven't w/3 kids in 3 years) you need to save up and take her there. Kirsten you will love it! Do you still remember your Spanish?
Well I am so glad we are able to keep in touch now! Say hi to Tiffany (tell her she needs a blog)and your family for me. Lisa

Lisa said...

Don't worry Dustin I haven't kept in touch with anyone (except Nikki and Amy)since I went to college. Since I started my blog I have reconnected with so many friends. Thank goodness for blogs!!!

igotluckey said...

Saylee is a doll. I think i was one of the people that rsvp'd ha.