Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Green the Vaccine Rally

At the beginning of this month there was a rally held in DC... Green the Vaccine. It would have been so cool to be there for my Saylee. I so strongly believe that not only parents of autisic children but EVERY parent needs to be aware of the war against toxic vaccinations. This post is a long one but Ive been up for awhile researching info I want every person who comes across this to see...tell your friends!

If i could meet any celebrity in the world, it would be Jenny

Sorry the video quality isnt the best but I thought Jim's speech was awesome!

The second part of Jim's speech


Medical professionals that ensure parents that mercury has been removed from all vaccines are lying. They might tell you that only trace amounts of mercury have been found in a few vaccines. Did you know that those small trace amounts are too toxic for drinking water??

Here is a website to go & see what vaccines still have thimerosal (mercury)

Here is an alternate vaccine schedule... This recommendation was written by Donald Miller, MD who is cardiac surgeon and Professor of Surgery at the University of Washington in Seattle and one of the members of the Doctors for disasters preparedness. Here is the link to the article that he wrote I hope everyone will read. It is well worth your time.

1. No vaccinations until a child is 2 years old

2. No vaccines that contain thimersol(mercury)

3.No live virus vaccines (except for small pox if it should reoccur)

4. These vaccines, to be given one at a time, every 6 months beginning at age 2






Did you Know....

* we give the same amount of a vaccine to a newborn that we would give to a full size adult. One size fits all is ridiculous. Why do we have to give different amounts of medicine for different ages but when it comes to vaccines it doesn't matter??????

*The Flu vaccines still have a full dose of mercury in it. I find it interesting that Doctors encourage us to get the flu vaccine while we are pregnant but discourage us to eat fish while pregnant to prevent us getting any mercury. Does that make sense???

* Children who delay vaccinations by 2 months cut their risk of asthma by ½ according to (Kozyrskyj, University of Manitoba)

* What are in the vaccines???(Mercury, Aluminum, viruses, bacteria, formaldehyde, MSG, HCL, Antibiotics, Human, Cow, Chicken, Guinea Pig, Monkey tissue/serum, Yeast, and Egg)

* The current schedule requires 36 vaccines by the time a child is 6 and the majority are given to the children by the age of 15 months compared to 1983 when children received 10 vaccines in the same time period.

*7 Vaccines injected into a 13lb two month old infant is equivalent to 70 doses in a 130 lb adult.

*50 years ago when immunization schedule contained only 4 vaccines, autism was virtually unknown

* Type 1 diabetes went from 1 in 7,100 children in the 1950's to now 1 in 480* The CDC has not done any long term studies to see if vaccine schedule is safe

* US government has paid out more then $11.5 billion in vaccine injury compensation

Here are some tips I found on taca.orgs website. (talk about curing autism)
1. Do not vaccinate newborns. When you are ready to vaccinate – check into a slower vaccination schedule that may work for your family, address your concerns, and achieve public health policy slowly.

2. Avoid re-immunization with a vaccine after a previous bad reaction.

3. NEVER vaccinate ill children or children recovering from an infection.

4. Space vaccines - do not give multiple vaccines in 1 day.(THAT INCLUDES single vaccine doses that have multiple viruses! Split them up!)

5. Use single-dose vials from which to draw up the vaccines as opposed to multiple-dose vials which provide less uniform dosage.

6. Use inactivated polio. (the shot, not the drops)

7. Give RDA (Recommended Daily Allowances) of Vitamin C before and after vaccines

8. Give a natural form of Vitamin A ( cod liver oil ) to keep RDA's at level at all times for the age.

9. Separate the MMR into 3 doses: start with measles at 12-15 months, then mumps at 18-21 months, rubella at 24-27 months.

10. Do not give live virus vaccines to immunodeficient children.

11. Do not give vaccines if allergic to any of these components:i. Yeast - Hep B ii. Eggs - MMR iii. Neonycian - MMR or Varicella

12. Hold off on the Varicella until 10-12 years and if the child is shown not immunity to Chicken pox.

13. Check vaccine titers before giving boosters (Most people are immune after one dose. We continue to get multiple doses that MAY NOT BE NEEDED. Have them check antibody levels via titres blood test.)


These recommendations are based on great books for all parents/grandparents:

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinationsby Stephanie Cave, MD (paperback, September 2001)

The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child (Sears Parenting Library), by Robert Sears, (paperback, 2007)

Evidence of Harm by David Kirby

Additional reading on this important topic can be located at the Autism Research Institute:
* Another great web site with the latest research papers can be found at

*If you read through this whole thing then I applaud you. If you were ever unsure of vaccinations then I hope this cleared the air. Thanks for listening!!


Niki (Crum) Worthen said...

wow, i commend you on your studious efforts. it is so amazing to see the things that come out of a trial. now that you are aware of all of this, you can help others become aware. and that is how people make a difference. i know my trial with diabetes has done a lot more good than it has caused pain.

ps. i loved your tag post. i forgot how funny you were! and it was nice to see the deep side of you too ;)

Jeff & Kristy said...

Amen! I gave Tyla 6 vaccines at a time and i truly feel that is a major part that affected her! I totally want one of those green shirts! I love Jenny! Her book was amazing. I need to read it again.

Tera said...

I am so proud of you for everything that you do for your family including this incredible research. You are truly a blessing to those around you, and I know you've those you've touched, and will touch with your efforts are equally blessed. Saylee is very lucky to have a mother like you, and I KNOW mom is watching, is supportive of you, is helping to guide you through this process and most importantly loves you for you, the wonderful mother that you are.

igotluckey said...

I just want to say that i completely love Jim Carey and Jenny Mccarthy. Listening to him talk gave me the goose bumps.

mandi said...

this is a lot of info to take in, I think that I will definately be doing some reasearch and trying to understand this better. I want you to make me out a schedule of when I should get the rest of presleys shots, I'm sure you'll be answering lots of questions for me and others. You really impress me and I am so proud that you are an activist.Yeah GOOOOOOOOO GREEN!

Our Hot Spot said...

I know that early intervention is key. The more you do the better she will be. Our best friends have an autisic little boy and they did early intervention and he is thriving. He goes to school, primary, swim lessons, and camps in the summer. They are so great to him and I know that you will be for her. Stick to it, you will be AWESOME.

Lisa said...

Hello! I hope it is ok I leave comment. This is Lisa McFarland Bitter. A friend of Dustin's from jr. high and high school. I found your blog through Aaron and Heathers. Your family is so cute! Just from reading your blog you sound AMAZING, Dustin is very lucky to have such a wounderful wife! Thank you for your blog on Vaccines. I too have been reading alittle on this subject. I have heard Jenny speak on Good Morning America and I have wanted to buy her book. I would love to hear from you, my blog is
Have a wonderful day!!!