Monday, July 28, 2008

It was my cup of tea!

On Saturday, Kristy, Mandi and myself got together and went to Abbey Gardens. Its this cute little tea parlour in Mesa. We had a little tea party, we picked out our own tea cups, we ate yummy sandwiches and treats on a three teir tea thingy and it was alot of fun! I really got into it! I loved pouring the tea and I kept saying, "Hello Govna!" in a british accent. It was fun to do something different and Im just excited to do anywithg with these girls at all! We did take a group shot but theres no way I was going to post the one on my camera, Kristy has better pics
We sat at the table in the back corner
When in doubt, pinky out!
If i were old and British, I would be this lady!...I love it!

P.S. two posts in one day HOLLA!

Viva La Cheap Dental!!

So last week Dustin and myself along with Grandpa Palmer and his friend Bill went down to Algadondes, Mexico to get a bunch of dental work/medical junk done! I was a little weary about the trip, us and a couple of grumpy old men but we actually had a blast! It such a trip to me to sit back and think about how different times were when our grandparents were our age, and I think we Im an old grandma it will be in the years 2050+...that wigs me out! ANYWHO... Dus and I hit up Dr. Jerry and between the two of us we got 3 root canals (I had 2!) 3 fillings (I had 2!) and 2 cleanings for under a $1000 bucks! It was a very clean enviroment and the people there were really nice. I felt safe and were going back in Sept. go get some more work done.

Walking across the border
Not a very good shot, but there were dentist offices, and every other medical office around
This is the front entry of the plaza we were at
Down this long walkway...every so often there we sewage squares on the smelt gross!
Hopped up on dental drugs!
Our new best friend Bill Rohr
Bill belt buckle...can you say money???
We stayed in Yuma so we got to see a movie and have some time to ourselves. We ate REAL mexican food and it was awesome! Dustin took 4 pepto bismol tablets before we ate but it didnt matter, he had a parasitic attack anyways! (He got parasites on his mission and only the REAL good stuff gets them going!) We drove Bills Hybrid and only filled up once, about 20 bucks worth! that blew my mind. I got a cute Dolce and Gabbana bag for like 30 bucks...all in all I was a great short trip and Im excited to go back.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Therapy Montage!!

Just wanted to update everyone on all Saylees progress with therapy the last few months. She sees three seperate therapist each week, an occupational therapist (sensory), a speech therapist, and a developmental specialist. At times it can be overwhelming but when i see little milestones in Saylee its all worth it. Here are some of the things she has mastered, some might sound small but with a child who has as many sensory issues as Saylee...these small things make us proud!
She can play ball cooperativley (pass it back & forth), she acutually plays with Brody (they interact with each other) She plays with SOME toys for their intended purpose, when she colors she can color with one hand and hold down the paper with the other, she can manage her sensory better in social situations, she can communicate better in general, shes WAY more verbal and can say mamma, dadda, and babba!!! She doesnt say them on demand and she doesnt walk up to us and say "mamma or dadda" but she knows thats our name. PLUS today in therapy while playing ball her speech therapist would repeatidly say, "here it comes" then without notice and as clear as day Saylee said, "here comes!" Both of us freaked out! Jennifer (her S.T.) said that sometimes a bodys natural instinct (sort of like catching a ball automatically) will trigger a child to say something without even realizing it. Of coarse she didnt say it again but I LOVE to hear her little lady voice whenever it comes out...its so sweet.

Dustin and I are so proud of her and all she has conquered. All of her therapist tell us how smart she is and they can she how much she TRIES to communicate and be better but just doesnt know how yet. They keep telling us that in a year she'll be such a different little girl that we wont even recognize her. Im so exicited to help her get there!