Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Well it's official...we're havin a boy!! I'm going to have a bushel of children...most of them boys. Thats cool with me!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Onsie fever!!

Here are some recent creations I've been having fun with...

My crown jewel...this bad boy took some time!

A sundress I made for Say, it's basically a pillowcase dress but I didn't have a pillowcase. It was my first time using this pattern so I used material I already had incase I messed up...of coarse its the black and white material...obsess much??

Monday, June 15, 2009

Do you have a family dog?

This show was part of the foundation of my upbringing. It was funny to me then, and it's even funnier to me now! Its only a 8 min. clip (i know, sort of long) and the sounds a little off but if you have time at least watch the first 4 minutes. I guarantee EVERY mom has felt like the mom in this sketch!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Still Alive!!

It's official...

I'm gay...

My blog has become my forgotten child. Poor little guy hasn't been updated and hasn't had any other blog friends look at him and laugh...poor ol' bloggie!
I have set a goal to blog more often, at least as much as I used to. This does create a problem however seeing as how my camera has been POSSESED by the devil! Mr. Camera doesn't feel like making memories anymore. Let's say my littlest nugget falls asleep in the big boy chair and I want to capture that moment, this is what I get...

Isn't that clarity uncanny??? I pretty much stopped taking pictures for this reason, it's no fun anymore!! I can however take pictures from REALLY far away but what fun is that? If I try to zoom in on my camera, it turns it self off...it's a stubborn little bugga... Anywho, here is some evidence that my family and myself are alive and kickin...literally.
On Memorial day we went swimming with Dustin's family. Saylee and pool water do not get along (baby pools...forget it!), let's just say last summer memories are a bit painful for us. Not only does she not enjoy swimming, she has a bit of a panic attack whenever she's around the pool. Safe to say, we don't swim much at all and I was not excited to attempt again this summer...but that little girl still suprises me!!

After about an hour of circling the pool, Dustin somehow got her in...

After a small freak out, he managed to get her pool side...

Just her kicking in the water was an INSANE accomplishment

Then finally, she sumerged herself! I never thought my whole life this far we would have the predicament of trying to get Saylee OUT of the water!!!

All the while Brody enjoyed jumping in and out

and swallowing WAY too much water...

And this little nugget took like a fish in water, he loved it!!

All in all...it was a pretty amazing day! Can't wait to do it again!!