Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Drumroll please...

Introducing Emry Don Hon

coming in at 8 lbs 6 oz. 21 1/2 inches
born Nov. 10th

The delivery went well and we're both healthy and happy.
He came out lookin' like a grandpa...with a tiny head! Yay me!

Here he is this morning, already changing!

We're so happy!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Just kidding!!!

Hey it's Monday afternoon and Im chillin at my home typing a new post because someone at my doctors office CANCELLED MY INDUCTION APPT.!! Apparently it's one of those "miscommunications" that only seems to happen to me. Now Im on a waiting list with 4 girls ahead of me to get into labor and delivery that currently has EVERY ROOM booked.

I should have known this was going to happen...Mondays hate me

Even if I get called in sometime today, I most likely won't push this nugget out until tommorrow

Again...stay tuned!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

last creations

Soon this guy will no longer be my youngest nugget...

Here are my last creations as a pregnant lady! Some burp clothes and shoes for a friend...

This stuff is for Emry

Stay tuned for pics!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

That's how I roll

So im scheduled to be induced this Monday the 9th unless my water breaks on it's own before hand (which I seriously doubt it will!) For those who don't know i have been sick for almost a month now...I am rockin' the man voice like nobody's biz!!
I was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago with "flu like" symptoms, i had a temp so my doctor made me go in. I was released and relieved when told i had a severe cold, the ER doc was worried it was pnemonia or "the swine." To be honest its the worst I've felt in my life thus far...I don't get sick very often and being prego on top of it didn't help. Last week my doctor told me I "basically, most likely had the swine flu" and that I can look foward to "feeling like total crap" for the next couple of weeks.
Boy was he right! I've moved on from flu symptoms to sever sinus pressure. I won't bore you but I rely on my Neti pot twice a day with 2 breathing treatments twice a day and an inhaler that helps me breath, all which only give me minimal relief. There's not much anyone can do for me with the nugget still a' growin inside. He feels very big and he's sitting on top of some nerve in my back so Im constantly waddeling like a penguin- (ya know, like Happy Feet??...except id be Miserable Puffy Feet)
With 5 days left to go, im cleaning and preparing to bring home my new nugget. It takes me 10x longer to do something than your average human and my exhaustion brings on anxiety, I hate asking for help. I haven't made anything for Emry and it hearts my heart but Im trying to get over it, I know he'll never know. Im just thankful that my family is healthy (fairly) and I don't have to worry about bringing home a newborn to a house full of germs!!
That's my story this last month, my camera is possessed therefore I got a whopping 1 picture of Halloween, I will post some others hopefully before Monday.
I CANNOT wait to FINALLY meet my new lil' man... Wish me luck!!!