Monday, April 25, 2011


We had a great Easter weekend.

Very chill.

(just the way mama likes it)

We have 8am church and Dus was singing in Sacrament so he had to be there early so I got the kids dressed and ready by myself so I didn't take any group pics before. Just on the way in!

I didn't make Say's dress (i know, i know)

but I did make her bow...that you can't see.

Emrys rollin' solo now a days

all the boys had matching pants and different color bowties. I made one for Dustin but he had to wear a tie since he was singing. I put it on him after Sacrament but didn't get a pic, but I will cause he looked baller!

they got lots of compliments! With nuggets like this, how can I not take pride in how cool they look? I made THEM and there clothes!

the only shot of Emry in his bowtie

The fam came over and Uncle Devin and Aunt Krystal had a great Idea to do an egg race so dad whipped up this ramp real quick and the kids loved it! Maybe a new tradition??

Not suprisingly, Saylee held the record for longest roll almost the whole night until dad's determination finally paid off!

Im so grateful for my family and these phenomenal kids that make everyday worth it.

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

clever post title

This kid can fall asleep anywhere.

(except his bed)

(food in hand AND mouth)

dinner plate still in hand

and of coarse in the car

although I think he's taken it to the next level!

(yes he is strapped in)

must be nice.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Field trip fo S.H.O.

Today, Saylee's class was invited to attend a "carnival" targeted with activities for delayed kids. It was put on by the S.H.O. kids (students helping others) at Highland Jr. High. I was excited to go but was a little nervous. Her outings are either AWESOME or THE WORST IDEA EVER and I'm never quite sure which one it's going to be!

Say and her teach Miss. Kristina

(whom I love and do NOT want to lose her)

getting her name tag on

The day started with sing along in the gym... out of 150 kids, Saylee is the ONLY child that did not want to go through those doors!

I think she really wanted to, but her fear of big places wasn't having it.

first station: puppets

she loved this lil' bat

Then bubbles...

Next was the car wash

(students rode through a tent on tricycles and the kids sprayed them)

Now what you aren't seeing is that every second I wasn't taking a picture of her, I was chasing her around this whole shabang...I LITERALLY ran over 2 miles today!


(she miraculously already knew how to play??)

Most the time, this is how I contained her...

(go on judge me, I dare you!)

obstacle coarse showcasing Saylee's cat like speed & agility!

marble painting

takin' a break

(Say snapped this shot)

She pretty much lost interest about an hour into it...she just splashed around for awhile.

Everytime she bolted from me was to try to get to this guy, the grand finito...the castle bounce house. Of coarse when we finally got there, she didn't want anything to do with it.

...which was conviently located on the baseball field. This is the part where I let her run free through her natural habitat...mother earth!

The clouds came in, the wind kicked up and I was exhausted. We hit QT then headed home. I got some exercise and no one's ears bleed from Say's "sound barrier-breaking" scream so i call today a win-win! This lil' lady knows how to keep me on my toes!