Monday, May 31, 2010

Adios escuela!

Last week Brody and Saylee finished school for the year. Oh how fast it flew! This was their first year and they both loved it. They both attended EMECEC (pronounced em-a-keck) which is sneeze talk for East Mesa Early Childhood Education Center. They teach children with all ranges of delays but also have an early learning program which was perfect for Brody.

To finish off the year I made a little care package for their teachers

Inside the milk carton are hershey kisses. The box was so cute, I printed it offline and folded it up. It say's "fresh, grade A goodies" the Nutrition Facts on the side of the box said cute things like, "thankfulness...25%, caring...25%, etc.

Brody's teacher, Mrs. Helton helped Dustin and I alot with how this whole school thing really works. It wasn't always smooth sailing (we had to move Brody to the morning class) but it all turned out for the best and Brody has flourished so much. His imagination is in overdrive and he is learning to express it on paper really well, his pictures are awesome! He's pretty much reading basic words and his math skills are way above his age level. We're so proud of him and can't wait for him to start kindergaten.

Now Saylee, well... she's a whole other story. She has made leaps and bounds throughout this school year. I was SO nervous for her to be in a school-like enviroment. It was really hard for me to hand over control to a total stranger and trust that they could teach my little girl. Saylee was blessed to be placed in a class full of love and paitence. I could clearly see that her teachers
TRULY loved her and only had great goals for her. We are so proud in all that she's done, she's coming out of her box more and more and Carol & Connie (her teach and speech therapist) are to thank for that!

Now let the summertime madness begin!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

This and That

Hello there blogging world. Long time no post. Two reasons for that. 1. We moved 3 weeks ago (which was not fun!) and 2. I love our pictures so much, I didn't want to post over them!! But, time must go on.

I've been busy. A couple of weeks before the move, mama got what's she been waiting for...a serger. However, I didn't take it out of the box for like a month because of the move. Now that she's out (her name is Sally by the way; Sally the serger)...she's never going back!! MY OH MY how a serger makes a difference in constructing clothes. I ADORE it, it's been a blasty blast.

So here are a couple of skirts that I added to the shop. They're both refashions, I feel like I've been doing so many onsies lately (that's basically all I've sold in the not complaining though) that I've missed my refashioning roots.

Refashioned from a sheet via grandma, lace belt- curtains via grandma(have I mentioned how much I love my grandmas stuff??...and my grandma of coarse!)

I added fat belt loops to keep the belt up...I love them
(Sorry for the pic quality)

Im digging the potato sack skirts right now. Saylee looks adorable in them and they're great for summer. This one's refashioned from a thrifted pillowcase. I wasn't going to post it in the shop because I loved it for Saylee and only had one since it was a pillowcase, but a week after I made this skirt I found a full sheet set at a different thrift store that was the same pattern... sounds like fate if I do declare.

Also with grey belt loops and matching belt

Here are a couple of shower gifts for some expecting friends. We had a double shower that's why the gifts are basically the same.

I loved the cateye glasses (I can't take credit for coming up with this, I found it here

"meow...kitty want some candy!" Jim Gaffigan anyone?

I've also been exploring the world of shirring via this amazing lady's lastest pattern. It was oober frustrating at first and after some advice from Dana (ya, I actually emailed her) It became easy as butta. So here are a couple of little summer dresses for the lastest arrivals...

For Ivy (who i KNOW will have red hair!)

and for Teagan,
I made a bigger size for this one...practice makes perfect!

shirred with yellow thread but you can't see it.

I just enrolled at MCC to take a clothing construction class for the upcoming fall semester. Im SO excited and can't wait to learn a lot more about what I think I know alot about already! I haven't taken a single class of any form since I graduated 10 years ago so Im a little terrified and throw up in my mouth a little if I think about it too much but it tastes good so I think that's a good sign.
WHAT... did I just say that??

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Hon Six

We've been busy with a new move around here. Amongst the chaos, we took some time out to capture some memories with the talented Connie B. I am so stoked with the results. This is our first real family photo shoot, the kids did alot better than I thought they would-there I go underestimating my children again!!
Hope you enjoy...

Thank you Connie!! As in the words of my husband,
"you're the bing-bong!!"