Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Alots been going on around this household. Busy, busy...that's how we roll. I've decided that this is what the rest of my life is going to be like. Monday we have this, tuesday it's that. 4 kids is tough! With that being said Dus and I had a chance to escape our everyday norm... at least overnight (18 hours max)to celebrate our anniversary.

It's been over 2 1/2 years since we've had a night to ourselves (other than dental trip to Mexico--doesn't count due to pain meds!!) We were magically wisked away to a place called Chandler...ever heard of it? We dropped off our stuff in our cool, contemporary room before heading to dinner.

the most radical carpet I've ever seen!

Yummy food proceeded at Benihana's
(colassal shrimp with veggies & mango salsa)

Free dessert...heck ya!!

The happy couple courtesy of Benihana's

We burned off some calories by doing a little shopping, enjoying the "single" life. (our definition of single life is married with no kids). After grabbing some dessert we decided to see a movie at 10:15 PM!! (wild right!?) The following occured...

10:15... movie started

10:32 (text from sister-in-law) Brody just threw up

10:47 Brody just threw up again

11:15 Saylee just threw up all over her floor

11:34 Forced Saylee into the tub, Brody threw up again

** at this point im asking "why, oh why??" "really kids? REALLY?"

11:58 Brody's asleep, Saylee threw up- only a little bit though

My poor sister-in-law. Newly married she had to deal with 2 sick kids and take care of the baby while her husband slept (he had to work the next day.) After the movie we decided to go home. I was very sad and hurt that dinner and a movie was going to cost us over $200 bones!

Just as we were about to leave (1 am) Jamie calls and tells us everyone's asleep, it's all over and to NOT come home. My "motherly" angel on my shoulder was saying, "go home, it's the right thing to do!" Then the hot, single angel on my other shoulder's like, "STAY...remember what it feels like to sleep a whole night without waking up??!"

Man I've never slept so good!...

Now that the big kids are over being sick, Emrys started a "RSVish" cough again i want to know, WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END?? Speaking of, can you believe this nugget is 3 months old already??

We are having so much fun with this guy. He's not the most outspoken baby but his smile will melt your butta! He really likes watching the older kids. Dustin and Brody are the only people he'll laugh at. He loves to stand up and he's rolled over onto his side a couple of times already! I love to see his little personality blooming but hate that he's growing so fast!

In rags to britches news

Im a little embarrased to admit that I've probably bitten of more than I can chew. I've been sewing, ALOT. When Im not cleaning, or cooking or sleeping...im sewing, and I've only reached a 1/4th of my goal for the showcase with a month to go. In addition, I've hit some major speed bumps with my sizing and everything I've made 12 months and younger has to be completley reconstructed. Im a little discouraged and angry at myself for taking my eyes off the prize. I've been too worried about the quantity of items i can make, instead of the quality they come in.

therefore, Im throwing the showcase out the window. The timing isn't right. Maybe something later in the year after I've got the hang of balancing mom/seamstress full time...(maybe blissfest?, who knows) My new plan is to have a sneek peek look on my blog, and a few giveaways on other friends blogs days before my shop opens. I need to list the items I've made thus far, and see how their recieved before I break myself sewing 100 items that might not go anywhere. All you local buddies, you know where to find me. Now that Ive some what loosened my schedule I have time to take on any custom orders.

I know I don't have a huge blog following, so I feel a little silly posting "shop news" for the 9 people that are going to read this, but I don't think that's what matters. I just want to share my love and appreciation for ALL the support you guys have lended me over this last year, it's really given me the confidence to pursue this. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

email me at ragstobritches@hotmail.com for anything.

Thank you everyone...I'll be here all week!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Anniversary

Six years ago today i married my best friend.

Dustin, can you believe we've been married for six years?

Can you believe all that we've created and accomplished??

It seems like just yesterday we were engaged ready for the next phase of our life

Two young kids with NO IDEA what we were getting ourselves into!!

I wouldn't trade you for anything in the world.

I adore you.

We've been CRAZY successful at starting a loving family with special souls with special needs!!

So when do we get a break???

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.

Through all we've been through, our love has only grown in mass proportions! Who knows where we'll be in six years from now. But, if things go according to plan, all 4 kids will be OUT of the house by the time we're 45. The RV will be purchased and we'll hit the road!! Here's to dreaming!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Build a memory

1st field trip = Awesome
1st trip to Build-a-Bear = Awesome
going with your best friend (me!) =
The Best Day Ever!!

"BUILD-a-BEAR!!" his excitement was contagious...

told ya!!

How else do you start the Best Day Ever??

Need I say more?

With our tummys full...we're good to go.

Brodys first time on the bus was icing on the cake

We jammed to Kings of Leon to kill some time. He constantly requests the "be bell" song
(title is "on call" with chorus line "be there")

We've arrived!

Isn't he just the pick of the litter??

He chose the chocolate cub (but was dissapointed after learning it wasnt actually made of chocolate!!)

At Build-a-Bear there's no walking OR running, so they hopped everywhere they went!

While waiting for their turn to stuff their bear, Angel our Build-a-bear helper sang songs to entertain the kids. When I heard this girl start singing Camp Lomia songs...I almost peed my pants!!

"I said a Boom-chica-boom!"

Brody's turn
He tests it out...

not good enough

After a little more stuffing...he was satisfied

Waiting patiently to eat lunch after he's all done

waiting to get back on the bus

This kid rolls in style!

He's had a busy week...he turned 5 yesterday!! (pics coming soon), he has a valentines party tommorrow and his birthday party on saturday. It was so fun to hang out with him and build a memory! I look foward to many more!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sneek Peek

With the showcase coming in March, I've been busy, busy. I've decided that my online store opening will co-inside with my showcase...a preview if you will. So anything that doesn't sale in March, will be available online the next day.

With that said, from here on out, every once in a while you'll get a sneek peek of what I've been working on. Starting today!...

Fist up...the candy cane jumper size 18 mo-24 mos.

This little lady features puffed ruffled pockets to fill with goodies of your choice!
im thinking about adding red buttons...

Next up, a vintage pleated jumper size 0-3 mos.

As one of my favorite pieces (mainly because it's so tiny!), this jumper is fastened with vintage inspired buttons attached to a salmon "what once was" curtain!

That's all for now! I do want to show you a new idea I've been working on but it's getting put on the backburner until I get everything else done.

The "everyone will ooh at your baby shower gift kit!"

A nursing cover, onsies, and kimono shoes at a discounted price. I'm thinking of having the option of switching it up (2 onsies, 1 shoe OR 1 onsie, 2 shoes). It's just an idea for now.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!