Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Grady Mania!

My little man turned three months this last week and time to me already feels like its moving so fast! So heres my photo montage to my "little Houdini," Grady...
I call him Houdini because I swaddle those arms so tight and he manages to get them out every time! He loves his arms and hands all balled up and in the air 24-7!!
Because he always has his fist in balls, Brody is accustomed to laying down with him and "giving him pound!" (fist to fist) the first time I saw it I laughed so much!
If Brodys the entertainer and Saylees the warrior, then Grady is the heart of this family. He loves to love. Even if hes not the last addition to the family, he will definetley be the mammas boy, I can already tell! I love that me just looking at him puts a smile on his little face!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My mamma mia!

I liked to share a few thoughts on this gorgeous mom. For those who dont know, she past away in 1993 at the age of 39 from her battle with cancer. As Mothers Day comes and goes each year Im really starting to understand how blessed I was to have her as my mom. She was a shining example of how its possible to take back your life after being beat down with immense adversity. I learn from her still to this day without even knowing it. I only have a handful of vivid memories left of her, and thats really frustrating at times. Oh how I wish that I could call her everyday and ask ridiculous questions about being a mom that only a mom can answer! Even though Ive lived my life longer without her than with her, I know I am a better person and mother because of her and the trials that tested my family. I still have plenty of "motherly" examples to go to. I have an awesome sister who helps me whenever I need her. Shes not so hot on the baby knowledge since her kids are all grown up, but I love her all the same! Then theres Mandi, who I know my mom personally selected in heaven to be my best friend. Throughout our adolensence she is without a doubt the one I go to in need of advice. Shes grown comfortable at telling me what to do, just like a mom! I couldnt ask for a better support group. Mom, I love you

I left my house today!!

I woke up this morning with a desire to get out! So Brody, Saylee and I headed out to the mall. (Grady stayed with daddy who was working out of the house today) There were suprisingly alot of little kids at mall today! Brody had alot of fun and Saylee worked the crowd. She walked up to alot of other moms, checked their bags for any goods then moved on! It was nice to be out just the three of us again. It makes me feel a bit more sane, like I acutally have a handle on my kids!
Brodys messy dismount after jumping off some glove thing!

Saylee just scoping the play scene!

Monday, May 5, 2008

easy like Sunday morning!

Sunday morning we were all eating breakfast before church. Saylee was wandering around moaning and crying because she didn't want to eat what I gave her! So Dustin picked her up and tried to feed her some of his cereal. I laughed because I knew a battle would take place and he would lose and end up with fruity pebbles all over his church shirt! I paid no attention to them and continued to pack the diaper bag. About a minute later Dustin quietly called my name and I turned around to see Saylee quietly opening her mouth and allowing Dustin to feed her cereal. It may sound non-monumental to a majority of parents but for our family this is A VERY BIG DEAL!!! I havent been able to spoon feed Saylee for almost a year! I instantly started to cry and it was then that I realized the Lord answers our prayers and that even little moments like this only add to my absolut conviction that we are on the right path!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fathers and Sons

On Friday, Dustin and Brody along with Grandpa and Uncle Devin went to fathers sons campout. It was a short trip but they had fun. No serious injuries were incurred so i was happy! Dus sent up his favorite tent for him and the boy while Grandpa Scott and Devin pooned out and slept in the cabin! There werent any other small kids for Brody to hang with (usually theres a good turnout) so he had to entertain himself by running around in the dirt....easily amused!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

My first loaf...of nasty bread!

It may look normal (it looks normal, right?) but dont be fooled! I thought Id try this recipe for GFCF bread (for Saylee's diet.) It looked easy enough to do and it didnt need a breadmaker. I did everything right and when the bread came out it looked okay to me. I waited for it to cool and then gave myself a little tastey taste... and then threw up! JK JK. It really did taste so gross. I cut a slice off and slopped some peanut butter on it and lo and behold Saylee liked it! I'm not sure if its supposed to be nasty, it is after all made with a bunch of substitute stuff. It totally bruised my domesticated ego and now Im scared to make her anything! I like that she likes it, but is it cruel for a mother to purposely feed her daughter something really gross?? In any case im sure I WONT be making the "loaf of death" again!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Much Improvment!

Every Friday for the last few weeks Saylee meets with Jory, her Developmental Therapist. She has improved week by week and Im so proud of her. In coordination with her new diet we are hopeful that she will only get better and better! Her latest accomplishments today were transfering toys (that means taking one toy out of her hands and giving her another, which she usally pitches a fit about) and making better eye contact! Next week we are going to the park to have a play date and try to get her to interact with other children. I'll keep everyone updated with her progress as it happens. P.S. she is the picture of perfection to me in her new Roxy shirt!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's about time!

After much consideration I have decided to "keep up with the Jones's" and do this blog buisness! Lets hope Im good at it!