Monday, March 28, 2011

The day that never ended...

may I present


This day included Brody's soccer games, Noah & Nates bday party and swimming with the family... carried-out by yours truly via solo mission (for the most part)

** not pictured below is the truck breaking down on the freeway AND also dustins car breaking down and being towed home by me...again**

B's 3rd soccer game...

keepin' it real

who scored the winning goal???...that's right, my boy!


Bday party at Chuparosa major drama!!

(cupcake icing)

no major pinata related casualties

and finally swimming at the old foggie's pool

great shot of cousins Ryan and Grady

Saylee strapped on some floaties and didn't need any help

Yes. This hunk of beef is all mine.

so exhausted I've gone crazy.

That's that. Yes, Emry is no in any of these pics. He stayed home for the soccer games, hung with my sister for the party and had already swam and went to grandma's by the time I started taking pictures. Im not cruel, I promise I love him!