Sunday, October 10, 2010

silver lining of a lady

"Every cloud has a silver lining"

I dont really get that.

I've never seen an actual silver lining on any real cloud. I mean, I get the whole "cloud" analogy but wouldn't it just be easier to say, "every cloud has a sun behind it somewhere"

hmmm-doesn't flow as well as I thought, nope...silver linings good.

We all have our own personal "clouds." Some people's clouds are gloomin' AZ style (once in a blue moon) and some of us have a Seattle style cloud, it feels as if we'll never see the sun again. I feel like it's constantly raining in my life, well, not really mine- but her's...

my little silver lining.

It seems unfair that this sweet little spirit has to try so hard to be a kid. It seems unfair that in the first 4 years of her life, she's had to overcome more than I'll ever be tried with. She has to TRY to speak, she has to TRY to listen, she has to TRY to fit in... it's heartbreaking.

As bad as I think my situation is, I know it could be alot worse. It makes me sad that alot of times when I talk to my friends about Saylee it's more complaints than praise. It's always, "Saylee spilt Nesquick all over the floor...again." Instead of, "Saylee picked up her own mess today," or "Saylee can count to 20 and can sing twinkle twinkle faster than humanly possible!" She's my little lady that sometimes moonlights as a wild boar but she's mine still the same.

it could be alot worse.

So here's the silver lining in my silver lining. Her smile.
Never waivers, never fails.

I know that at the end of a turrible day, I can still make her smile.

I know I can make her laugh, and she'll make me laugh

She loves me, and she knows how to show it.
How could I ask for anything more?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

blood and dollar bills

Sunday morning Brody declares, "mom, I have a loose tooth!"
I say, "ya, ya, ya, whatever"
(that not the first time he's sang that tune...)

But in fact he did
not 1...but 2 loose teeth

Woah, woah woah...SLOW I old enough to have a toothless child?? creepy.

Finally last night, one was ready to depart from Brodys cake hole

With barely a tiny pull, it slid right out...
no tears (which is a big deal for Brody)


today he came home from school and informed me that he learned all about apples.

so he requested one
(requesting a fruit??....yes please!)

and viola...

2 teeth in 2 days.
that's how we roll.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

as the summer ends...

My oh my, life has been busy. I don't have too much to share. School is awesome and I love it.

Here's the pattern for my first project.

Cynthia Rowley pattern. I chose to use a black satin (which was an unknown death wish).

I have quite a few fashion majors in my class and alot of other students have experience in costume designs. At first they made me feel "borderline talentless." BUT, I've learned alot these last few weeks. I've learned that I, more than anyone in class has the most experience constructing clothes (who care's if they've been for little people!)...I might of struggled at first and took a hit or two to my ego but at the end of the day, I was the first to finish this project in my class, I also chose a more technical pattern than alot of students and...

I got an A!!!

suck on that.

The wind from a fan was blowing when I took the pic that's why its swaying a little to one side. and it doesn't fit (that's how important the first few steps are) so I gave it to Mandi.

And that's it for now from school. Here's a couple of other cute pics.

Brody ecstatic that I made him wear a church shirt for picture day!

Emry loving an outing with mama at Ikea!

Saylee sporting a long lost bow from her baby years!